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    Is there a clear reference for the building / publishing process for SA?

    When I select 'build web app' from the toolbar, I'd expect SA to build the environment currently selected under build...
  2. One of the frequent tasks when developing a project is adding new controller actions.

    My current process as of SA is:
    1. Select the controller to which the action should be added from...
  3. Excellent, I'd love to see this implemented too!
  4. Our current application being developed in SA3 has required a few custom tool icons.
    These have been added to the theme, however there is no way to select these in SA.

    The 'type' config parameter...
  5. When adding a controller action in SA3, how does one go about adding additional parameters to the event handler definition?

    In this specific case, I'm trying to add the buffer parameter to a...
  6. I'd just like to say that this 'fix' works perfectly for my application where I want to enable / disable some other fields depending on the slider value.
  7. I have an Ext.Carousel, and on one of the items in the carousel there is a panel that has a docked toolbar.
    When a user swipes the toolbar to access items that are currently off screen, the toolbar...
  8. I am able to display amStock charts in our ExtJS app, but I can't seem to access the direct interface provided by the flash object.

    For example, the amStock documentation lists a method called...
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    I've just been putting a login form in a window together and used bodyStyle: {padding: '30px'} to get the sort of effect that I think you're after:

    var loginWindow = new Ext.Window({
  10. Thanks for the reply.
    I've tried your suggestion, but it doesn't make any difference. Just to be sure, I've put the sample code into it's own file and ran it against that (replacing the ... with...
  11. The following is an example of a coding style I'm trying to generate documentation for. When viewing the output documentation, I see an entry for 'MyClass' as expected, however there is nothing...
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    Ultimately I'm trying to change the ddGroup of 'listPanel'. According to my interpration of the docs linked to by evant in the post above, the following code should create listPanel with a ddGroup of...
  13. Ok, I'm a little further now.
    With a response along the lines of:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    modules['home'].add(new Ext.Panel({
    height: 700,
    layout: 'border',
  14. Firstly, I was able to solve my first problem by changing:

    el: 'header'
    },tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
  15. I've only recently begun using Ext JS (2.0) to develop a new web application, and am running into a few problems.

    The general design is to have an initial login page. After logging in, the user is...
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