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  1. I can use Ext.Ajax to retrieve an HTML template file that is deployed as part of the Sencha app? How would I do that?

    If that works, then I'm well on my way - I'll have the text of the template...
  2. I'm working on a Sencha Touch 2 app that will collect various pieces of information from the user, merge that data into an existing HTML template (deployed as a resource file with the Sencha app),...
  3. I'm looking for an example that implements a "swipe activated" delete button on a dataview list -- i.e., swipe left on a list item and a "Delete" button appears; click the button and the list item...
  4. Any other suggestions? Seems odd that I'm the only one with this problem!
  5. I believe so:

    admins-iMac:sencha-touch-sdk-2.0.1-rc admin$ echo $PATH...
  6. I've installed Sencha Touch SDK 2.0.1 RC and Sencha SDK Tools 2.0.0 Beta 2 on OSX Lion 10.7.3.

    When I change to the Sencha Touch SDK directory and issue the 'sencha' command, I get an error:
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