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  1. Thanks for your help.
  2. hi,all. i'm new in ext gwt. i have a problem about that, i have a web project. how can i used ext gwt in my existed web project? As Ext Gwt Help on, it run...
  3. Thank you for your help. yes i copied the source code from explorer demo, i'm new in ext gwt. if you have some simple demos or guideline, please give me some suggestions, thank you for your help...
  4. Hi,gslender , Thank you for your help, yes, i'm wrong with classpath, the error hasn't come out,
    But, I still have a problem, through, the error is missing , but my html have nothing, It's a blank...
  5. yes, i just do it like the guide said, but the problem is still existed, in eclipse run as open run dialog window, the main class is setting
    procram arguments is setting...
  6. Hi, i launching my GWT application in eclipse run a java project, can i launch my GWT application on this way. in my classpath is my defined GWT_1_5 and GXT_1_0 includes gwt.jar and gxt.jar files.
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