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  1. Hi,

    did anybody implemented am ExtJS app which is using the usermanagement from CouchDB? I didn't find any example how I can handle the session and login, so I don't know where I've to start.
  2. Hi,

    I need some help with creating the minified version of my ExtJS application. With ext-debug.js my application runs fine but slow.
    But when I try to create a minified version, I always get a:...
  3. Thank you! I know that and will take a deeper look on that. Because I don't know the source of the error, it's somehow difficult to post about 4000 lines of code :-(. A more precise error message...
  4. Hi,

    first of all I'm using IE 8 with ExtJS 4.0.2a (special version with Peter Müller's patch beaucse teh application uses a CouchDB).

    I don't know what's wrong there. I'm getting always the...
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