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  1. I remember out there was a plugin to do what you need, the name was CheckBoxMemory but i couldn't find it right now.
  2. Nicaragua User Group

    If you are in Nicaragua you could join us at

    Looking forward to meet more community members or new people who want to get...
  3. Very nice!
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    You should add the code before the toolbar instance.

    var yourItemsArray = [];


    var toolbar = new Ext.Toolbar({
  5. Try setting the key down event and call field.validate(); i'm not remember right now if fields are using a delayed task to validate inputs after some milliseconds, and if not, then i think that will...
  6. Sure...
  7. In ExtJS 3.4 i had the same issue and i just added the code in bold:
    After a container.doLayout() it shows properly.

  8. Jeff,

    I will help you testing it and see if it solves the scenario of @maneljn...

    Thanks to you too...
  9. Thanks, very nice...
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    Great! Thanks for sharing...
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    Hi tobiu, congrats for the job...

    I'm posting here because many of you maybe faced this issue,...
  12. I changed the code to remove the hardcoded id, at the screenshot below you can see when the second tab is selected the notifyOver is still printing "ext-comp-1004" when i'm expecting "ext-comp-1005"....
  13. Thanks for the quick reply... the component i'm building it doesn't has a hardcoded id because the tabs are added dinamically and is not working too...
  14. [Unanswered]


    i've been playing with the drag & drop the past week, so i did a lot of research before, but i couldn't find the way to drag and drop components between tabs, i don't know why...
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    another option is using column layout:

    new Ext.Panel(
    renderTo: "container2",
    width: 300,
    items: [
    title: 'Inner Panel',
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    Thanks for sharing... :)
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    autoLoad is intended for this:

    So basically, you load content of another url inside the panel, note that autoLoad is inherited...

    If what you want is to set store autoLoad then move that...
  18. ashishchandras you should take a look this thread:
  19. Looks cool, thanks for sharing... Do you know about Sencha Market?
  20. If you decide to use ExtJS instead of Ext.NET i recommend you to not mix controls code and extjs code, you will end up with some weird behaviors...
  21. Hola Cindy,

    Yo no soy muy fanatico de crear los controles con el xtype, aunque en ocasiones para cierto dinamismo se necesite, pero si tienes forma de instanciar esos componentes y asignarlos a...
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    Yes, you are right, we can also use that as rating but sencha market has it's own button for each extension and now with this site i think there could be less threads announcing extensions and people...
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    Amazing news! and the site looks great and very complete...

    One thing i think it could be very helpful (since there will people buying stuff or selling stuff ) is a commenting system when people...
  24. This is a very standard main screen:


    and this is a very standard detail page:


    But you could also edit records inline or use a ExtJS popup window or add a form next to the...
  25. for WCF:

    The service:

    namespace Application.Service
    [ServiceBehavior(UseSynchronizationContext = false,
    ConcurrencyMode = ConcurrencyMode.Multiple,
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