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    If I convert my xml into json I need the whole xml and I'm getting the xml-data through a proxy that uses a webservice. NichT, can you maybe tell me how I can get the whole xml to convert it? Maybe...
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    Thanks for the help NickT. I will try to convert my xml and tell you then if it worked.

    But what makes me really confused is that the new release of Sencha Touch says that it is able to read...
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    Hi everybody,

    can anybody tell me how I can read such nested xml data with models and so?

    Example XML:

  4. Hi,

    I hope I'm right here, because everything seems to in spanish... Well I'm developing an app in my bachelor project and my problem is the setup. I developed an MVC app and I have these two...
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    I,ve got some code and I'm not able to change my view by click on a button. Can any body help me?

    Here's my code so far:


    name : 'App',
  6. Thanks for the reply. That was just the problem. Eclipse is setting up all needed files for me and the path of the CSS was wrong. Why didn't I get that. Thanks a lot for that :) and I'm sorry for the...
  7. Hi everybody,
    I'm new at Sencha Touch and also new at building Apps. I was able to build a small and simple Sencha Touch Web App with Eclipse Helios ans the phonegap-plugin but if I let it run on my...
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