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    Ok, finaly I get it, but I haven't use the chaining. I use a "load" attribute that I implemant on my store with a default value at false.


    var store = new{
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    First of all, I think it's maybe important to let you know that I'm using 2 framework extension of ExtJs (geoExt and OpenLayer).

    What I want, is to chain a function to an event or to have...
  3. Solved my problem of only one row display with autoHeight: true

  4. With Extjs 3.4
  5. Sorry, yes please you can move it!

  6. Hi,

    I'm using a EditorGridPanel with a define width larger than the screen width. When I try to drag a column of my grid who is outside of the normal screen width, after using the scrollbar,. I'm...
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