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    Thanks @fmoseley. :)
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    @fmoseley: This behaviour is completely unexpected though. As a user one would expect to be able to reset every (Form) field regardless of browser security restrictions.

    A possible workaround that...
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    Also note that calling Ext.field.File#reset() does not clear the file field's value as expected.

    The only way I've been able to clear the file field's value is by calling .reset() on an underlying...
  4. Original bug report from 260445 (marked fixed, but still broken in Touch 2.2.1).

    Ext.Map's maprender event always returns null as the 2nd argument because a direct reference to the private map...
  5. I came up with this override which works around the problem for me:

    Ext.define('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditingOverride', {
    override: 'Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing',

    onEditComplete :...
  6. In 4.1.0-rc3, the cellediting plugin does not refocus the edited cell when completing an edit.

    To reproduce:

    Open the cellediting example (<ext-4.1.0-rc3>/examples/grid/cell-editing.html)
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    ... but which sadly form the bulk of browsers being used.

    Wholeheartedly agree. That code's been there (iirc) since the 2.x / 3.0.x days.

    The only kink would be for upgraders -- they will...
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    Or just use this override (and let the server handle timezone conversion):

    Ext.JSON.encodeDate = function(o) {
    return Ext.Date.format(o, 'c');

    which when used should give you...
  9. did you try this against 4.1.0-rc3 (released just yesterday)?
  10. I think he meant to say "mobile webkit", which powers the android browser.
  11. Same CRLF problem with


    in 4.1.0-RC3.

    All other files are fine.
  12. Woot. Confirmed.

    @animal's Ext.Number.constrain override resolves the problem nicely
    (cellediting still works fine in Chrome 18+ after repeating my test case from post #2 > 30 times).

  13. Couldn't resist ;)

  14. Mine says:

    function (number, min, max) {
    number = parseFloat(number);

    if (!isNaN(min)) {
    number = math.max(number, min);
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    Description for Ext.view.View contains the following text:

    There's no more DataView class
    -- the DataView class is the View class now (though the xtype remains as dataview)
  16. In Chrome 18.0.1025.151 beta, repeatedly commencing an edit then sorting a grid configured with the cellediting plugin causes the Editor to permanently disappear.

    Drop the following HTML +...
  17. Here's another test-case which demonstrates wonkiness in another view.Table method -- getCellByPosition()

    Drop the following HTML + accompanying JSON into the
  18. 1) View the Cell Editing Grid Example in Chrome with the console open
    2) Dismiss the "Store Load Callback" dialog
    3) Delete the first...
  19. This popped up again in 4.1.0-rc2.

    All the files I mentioned previously were fixed, but now there's a new culprit:

  20. Woot... I can confirm this is fixed in 4.1.0-rc2. Thanks!
  21. Thanks for clearing that up :)
  22. Hi Mitch,

    To be clear -- the pad function was only moved in the neptune theme's _frame.scss file.
    The pad function still causes errors in the ext4 theme's _frame.scss file because it remains...
  23. In the 4.1.0-rc1 download, the pad function was un-nested by moving it to the top of

    The same pad function remains nested in...
  24. Same issue all over again:

    The neptune theme was fixed, but somehow the ext4 theme was either...
  25. Updated diff patch for 4.1.0-rc1:

    diff --git a/resources/themes/stylesheets/ext4/default/widgets/_grid.scss b/resources/themes/stylesheets/ext4/default/widgets/_grid.scss
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