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  1. { xtype: 'img', //or 'button' or nothing and just use //html: '<img src="resources/images/image.png">', cls: 'imgLeft', ...
  2. Actually!

    Did you try and change the path in the dev tools in safari or just check the path. I feel like I had this issue a while back ago, but I can't remember the exact solution. For me I think...
  3. Ok so maybe I've been focused on the wrong thing. Can you share the css?
  4. iOS:

    Settings > Safari > Advanced: Web Inspector Toggle (Toggle to ON)

    Since cordova / phonegap apps are webkit based this allows you to inspect the app.

    Now in Safari on the Mac:

  5. Hmm... It's hard without seeing the app.

    One thing that might help... Run the app on a iOS device through xcode open safari and in the develop menu button there should be a option to open the dev...
  6. You may have already tried this, but make sure you have the images folder ref in the app.json file.

    "resources": [
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    | | <-Let's say this is 300px wide
    | This is an item |
    | This is an item |
    | This is...
  8. This is awesome! Thanks for this! Based on your example I got the column headers to size correctly but what about the grid columns cells? They just collapse to the size of the content.

  9. Thanks for posting this! I wasn't sure if that was my problem for sure but after you told your story I remembered screwing up and generating an app my /user/ directory. I was finally able to generate...
  10. Thank you for posting! I was struggling with this for a while. :)
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    Thanks, man! It worked perfectly! :D
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    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong if anything. I checked to see if it was a bug or if anyone had any problems with it. I attached some screenshots along with my code. The hbox works without a problem...
  13. Haha! It's cool. The curiosity has just been killing me :/

    Thanks for helping out though :D
  14. Yeah that's no problem getting it to work using cls: 'whateverClass' but I was just wondering why be able to make a custom UI when it doesn't override the default styles?
  15. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I don't want to keep asking questions, but what's the point of creating a custom UI class if you can't use it without removing existing ST styles?

    In theory I...
  16. Yeah. The easiest way to remember is that an ID can only be used once on a page. Usually reserved for things like a logo etc.
  17. What it sounds like you're saying is that if I use the general class of a button I get those styles along with whatever I add to my custom UI class (.x-button-mgpToolbarBtn) AND the styles I've added...
  18. Thanks for the reply, Mitchell.

    I have tried the !important flag and that didn't always work for me like in this specific case. Would using SASS give me the ability to trump other styles or does...
  19. So I'm styling a Sench Touch 2 App and I'm having trouble getting my new CSS to override the sencha-touch.css file.

    I don't have a problem when there isn't a style already existing in Sencha's...
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    This is what I meant to mark as the best answer. :/ whoops!
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    That's pretty cool!!

    I couldn't figure out what was causing mine not to work after I added your suggestions so I took what you linked to and tweaked the retina css.

    If you wanna check it out...
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    Wow! Thanks for the example.

    I just realized something that may have made the difference and I feel like an . I started with Sencha 2 then switched after I couldn't get anything to show up. Their...
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    That's so odd. I took out any meta stuff. It's still blown up. I've double checked

    Could it be that I made my images wrong? I created everything based on the 640px x 960px dimensions and have...
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    Yes but for a retina screen showing up at the right scale. Repeating the image is not a problem.

    I've tried that. I'm focusing on the retina css right now and everything shows...
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    I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the setup for a web app using Sencha 2 for the retina display.

    I've found things that are supposed to help but don't like the

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