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    XMessages_de, obviously ;-)


    stringFilter_emptyText=Text eingeben...
    numericFilter_emptyText=Text eingeben...
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    I agree, the grid filters definitely need to be translated
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    Ah I see, but it seems wrong:

    private int pageSize;

    public int getPageSize() {
    if (pageSize == -1) {
    pageSize = ((LiveGridView) getGrid().getView()).getVisibleRowCount();
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    I just checked out from releases/2.2 and it's not fixed, the LiveGridView class has the commit revision 2259 from October, 12th
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    there's a bug in the current LiveGridView implementation:

    LiveGridEvent<ModelData> event = (LiveGridEvent<ModelData>) createComponentEvent(null);
  6. okay!
  7. Cool, this really works ;)
    Unfortunately there's no visual clue that there are more items to scroll.

    But thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, this one works - i don't know where I have the other url from, I guess it's one which always contains the current development release
  9. Thanks for the clarification - can you elaborate on where the normal safari and the safari on iPad differ?
    Do they use completely different rendering engines (Webkit?)
  10. Hi,

    we encountered a bug on mobile safari (iPad):
    All ComboBoxes don't have a scrollbar, so you can only see the first n items and can't scroll to the invisible items lower in the list.
    You can...
  11. Hi everyone,

    we're currently testing our application on the iPad.
    But at some places mobile safari just closes, it most likely crashes.
    You can reproduce this by just visiting the explorer demo...
  12. Unfortunately I don't have any webspace to upload it, but I added it to the original post as an attachment.
    I had to remove the "resources" folder (gxt images, css, etc) and the gwt-servlet.jar from...
  13. This doesn't fix the problem.
    I added a screenshot to the original post. Maybe it helps.
  14. Does the shadow also have influence on the dialog content?
    Because the dialog itself looks larger than it should be (which means the area between the titlebar and the buttonbar is too large).
  15. Hi,

    there is a bug with maximized dialogs (that means GXT windows with a buttonbar):
    - the maximized height is larger than the container height, a scrollbar is visible and the buttonbar is below...
  16. Hi everyone,

    I discovered a bug in 2.2.0-beta which we did not experience with 2.1.3:
    Clicking outside of a list view item in a ListView (e.g. below the last item) results in a mouse click event...
  17. Seems to be fixed now, everything works fine again. Thanks!

    As for the release notes, there's a typo: "device" => "divide"
  18. Hi,

    I just encountered a bug when loading a LiveGridView store for the first time:


    if (totalCount != loader.getTotalCount()) { // totalCount = 0,...
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    Hi everyone, there are still some strings missing in the german translation, here they are:

    # MessageBox

    # TimeField
    timeField_minText=Die Zeit in diesem Feld...
  20. I can confirm this, please provide a quick fix, something like this:

    long l1 = t1.getDate().getTime();
    Long l2 = null;

    if (t2 == null) {
    DateWrapper temp = new DateWrapper();
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