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  1. thanks guys;
    actually itemId did the trick and it works ok. my selector looks like 'path to component[itemId=<my item id>]' now. so the problem is with ids only.
    I do destroy everything so it must...
  2. Hi guys;
    in my scenario I have a single controller for my app, a side menu and a main area that is dynamic, meaning each click on the side menu destroys the current view in the dynamic area and...
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    I think you should take the phonegap + sms plugin route in order to achieve this.
  4. Hi Guys;
    in my app I have multiple views, all with numerous Strings that are used for display purposes. my app is not i18n. I was wondering:
    from a performance perspective only, is it better to...
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    is this still the only decent multi select out there for ST2.x? or are there other native or extension options?
  7. Hi;bumped into this when searching for the exact thing.was this added already? I am using ST2.3.1thanks!
  8. thanks;
    do you think you can post a live example link?
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    you can look at sencha's touch tomatos demo app source code...
    I assume you will find your answers there...
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    LocalStorage docs state the following:
    "If this proxy is used in a browser where local storage is not supported, the constructor will throw an error"
    what is the best way to deal with this?...
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    Thanks Mitchell
    Are those listeners on the parent carousel or on the individual items?
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    Hi all;
    whats the best way in sencha 2.3.x+ to prevent the carousel from responding to user swipe gestures?
    in some situations in my app I need to prevent the carousel from changing items on swipe....
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    Hey @Pulp.
    after sencha introduced the Ext.Menu there is no reason to use the components mentioned in this thread.
    just use ST2.3.x's Ext.Menu
  14. Hi;
    thanks but I dont think your answer is what I am looing for or maybe I did not understand it:
    take a look at:
    I want the html property of the inner...
  15. Hi;
    in a sencha code as follows:

    name: 'Fiddle',
    launch: function() {
    var menu = Ext.create('Ext.Carousel', {
    ui: 'dark',
  16. Hi;
    I am referring to the following 2 options:

    var menu = Ext.create('Ext.Menu', {
    items: [
    xtype: 'Ext.list with 10 items',
  17. got my answer from the PGB forum:
    "Hi, as Phonegap uses the file protocol (file:///), there is no domain. So no CORS restrictions apply and plain old AJAX simply works."
  18. Hi all;
    I have a Ajax json request to a remote server like so:

    url: myRemoteServer,
    method: 'get',

    this code works perfectly on the...
  19. Hi all;
    sencha examples use multiple item components in all its menu examples. I was wondering if there is a reason to use this technique over a single list item.
    is there a reason sencha example...
  20. Hi all; this has been discussed a few time with no real best practice.
    when building an app for native, the native platform (say phonegap) uses its own configured splash screen and then loads the...
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    anyone knows why Ext.Menu is not currently present in the sencha touch 2.3.0 API docs?
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    can you post a link?
    which video are you referring to?
  23. thanks guys!
    I will try that
  24. Hi guys;
    I cant seem to find the way to access an instance config object via its store's proxy definition.
    is there a way to achieve this? here is a simplified code to explain.

  25. hi all;
    I have a sencha html 5 app
    sometimes my app runs as a pure html 5 app via web browser and sometimes it runs compiled with cordova as a native app.
    I want my JS code (which si the exact...
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