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    I'm afraid this project is still a work in progress. I never got swiping working. It's basically a placeholder with just the beginnings of dragtracking set up in there.

    Feel free to fork...
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    You can set an alias on a store class using "store.alias", but if you're creating an instance of a store you'll still use Ext.create('MyStore.class.Name'). How the alias will come into play is when...
  3. Do you get the same issue if you pass a string as the value instead of the class?
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  5. It is not possible to upload a file to a different domain using javascript due to the browser's security policy (not browser-specific, all browsers act like this).
    The best solution is to host the...
  6. There's not a config / plugin that quite does that, but you can set grouping headers for like-data from a column using the grouping plugin.

    There is an example at the top of the API docs that will...
  7. I believe the way to do that will be to set the target attribute in your link itself when you set the html for the tooltip.
  8. Instead of using an ID for the styling you might using a class on the <body> tag instead.
  9. Hi,

    The containing div that owns the label and the field element will accommodate the width of the larger element. While you could set a cls on the combo and get into the styling of the combo's...
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

    In the meantime use Ext.getCmp('cmp-id'); instead.
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    I would recommend coming up with some way to separate the menu click logic and the focusing / adding of a tab to the tabpanel. No harm in having that logic tightly coupled - until it's a problem and...
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    I'm afraid there is still an existing bug with zoom on the Ext Charts package. The Ext Charts package will still see some development in the way of bug fixes going forward, but will not receive the...
  13. Do you have control over the returned JSON data at least to the point that you could put a metaData key with information in there as to what fields needed to ultimately be mapped to the column /...
  14. Perhaps? Are you getting any warnings in the Console or Network tabs of your browser dev tools?
  15. Refer to:
  16. Hi,

    There is a ticket internally on that issue specifically and is being discussed.

    Below is a fiddle with an override (unsupported and provided as-is) that you can test with:

  17. Hi,

    In Ext4 the proxy's reader's root property would be configured using 'root' and in Ext5 it instead uses rootProperty. But, that's what your code has so that part seems fine. See the example...
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    By setting the properties in the config block setter and getter methods will be generated internally for the class. So in this case you'd use this.getStartDate() rather than this.startDate.
  19. In ExtJS 5 you don't have to define the fields of the model explicitly any longer. Will you at least be returned back the fields you have mapped to the TreeGrid columns using the dataIndex config on...
  20. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  21. Hi,

    There's not a public API for setting the animation properties - just a boolean is allowed in setValue(). For that you would need to override Ext.slider.Thumb.
  22. Hi,

    Can you post a small test case demonstrating the issue you're seeing at and I'll test along with you?

    Also, what version of ExtJS are you working with?
  23. The underlying DOM can change between framework versions so styling the components with your own CSS can require additional upkeep on your part to inspect the DOM for all browsers your application...
  24. Thank you for the issue report!

    Regarding the selection of only one list item at a time you might check out the single config:...
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    The best way is probably not to try and inject a browser click event, but rather to directly call the method used as the handler. If you have the method reside on the menu itself or on an ancestor...
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