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  1. Can you please share your code as I am unable to achieve the same?
  2. After using fiddle code. Tapping on next and previous items in list was not invoking "x-item-selected" class.
  3. Hi,

    I am using different colors for selected item and normal items in "datepicker", "picker".

    .x-picker-slot .x-dataview-item{
    color: #000;
  4. Same issue is reproducible in kitchen sink app online.
    Try to focus in "Bio" field then tap on "<" key on keyboard to move to "Role" field.
    Now select field options appears with white space below...
  5. Here is the fiddle with Sencha 2.2.0
  6. Hello,.
    We are also facing similar issue. Could you please give more details on how did you fix it ?

    Many Thanks,
  7. Hi,

    I am getting white space below the select field options, if in long form we change focus from a text field to a select field by using "<" key from software keyboard.
    To reproduce create a...
  8. Hi,

    We are planning to support our application on Windows 8. So please let us know if Sencha Touch 2.2 supports windows 8 or not?

    Thank you,
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