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  1. Using your code above, if you are on the List panel and you change to another panel, the List gets cleared of all the selected rows. Is there an easy way to keep those selected rows when moving from...
  2. It's looping thru correctly, but I can't get the values from the array. What is "rec" in your snippet? Is that an existing object?

    function ajaxValues() {
    var arr = [];
  3. Nevermind. I used your code instead of mine and all is well. Thanks for taking the time.
  4. That fixed the fact that it was rendered at the wrong time, but now the list isn't scrollable. It seems like the list has to be fullscreen to make it usable. How do I get around that?
  5. I'm trying to go from a List page, which displays several records you can select and then click a next button to slide to the next panel which will be populated based on those selected records.

  6. That fixed it. Thanks.
  7. This is great, it got me moving again. Is it possible to jump from 3 to 1 again instead of just 1 panel forward or backwards?
  8. This is a 3 panel layout with a List added to the second panel. The problem is that the list is visible in the first panel even though it should be hidden until the second panel is displayed. It's...
  9. Any chance someone can whip up a basic panel (using layout:card) with 3 cards and a button or link to transition from one to the next and maybe toss some html or a component on each card to...
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