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  1. Hi,

    I've been through a couple of SA 3.1 updates already, latest is today but still encounter the CAPS LOCK still interpreted as COMMAND...

    My configuration:

  2. In my case, I believe that binding a model field with type (int) to a number column is somewhat a "good practice".

    Now, because I can't 'render' the column value as red, blue and green under...
  3. Is RENDERER for Ext.grid.column.number removed in the Config list of Architect 3.1?

    I need this to add style to the number column when certain conditions are met by other columns in the same grid...
  4. Hi,

    I have a SIMPLE/MULTI Select Datagrid in which I want to coordinate the methods of itemContextMenu and RightMouseSelection together.

    I want to achieve the following scenario:
    1. When user...
  5. Hi,

    Is there a short-cut to verify if a form field has no value other than using the getValue()/getRawValue()? Something like an isEmpty method?

    The codes are getting ugly (long codes) when...
  6. I'm testing under version 4.2.3
    I'll try to create a test environment that you can access so that you can try it online.

    For the meantime, here is the controller code that I used.

    Notice that...
  7. Thanks for the reply.

    I tried the fiddle and saw some difference in our case.
    1. I use remote filter.
    2. I execute clearFilter() in an already filtered store with a selected row.

  8. In Ext. 4.2.x, clearing the store filter of a GridPanel does not work (length error) when there is a selected row.
    I need to execute: listGrid.getSelectionModel().deselectAll() first before...
  9. Hi,

    I noticed that SYNC method behaves differently when the Record's field values are set 'individually' (changed), rather than using form.updateRecord(record)

    It seems SYNC 'waits' for...
  10. Thanks.

    I'll add extra filters (xtype) for all my codes now because it works:
    console.log(Ext.getCmp('myPanel').down('button#myItemName')); // returns the button...
  11. The architect message works as you've illustrated.
    I reviewed my usecase and stand corrected.

    I wrote my code here:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
  12. I usually use ID for components which are deeply buried in the DOM structure, so I can do Ext.getCmp to directly access those components.

    I use itemID for components up to 2nd level away from...
  13. Hi,

    1. ItemID Checklist:
    Is there a way in Architect to see a list of all ItemIDs in a project?

    2. Other Concern:
    Architect warns user if there are duplicate component IDs.
  14. Not received any help yet on this one.

    I thought if this is not possible in Sencha, then might consider adding this functionality in future release.

    In my case, I removed the 5 'unwanted'...
  15. Hi Chamacs,

    Thanks for the help.
    I will look into these things as you've suggest.

    I tried the first one and had a Synchronization warning message and am looking at it right now.

    Thanks for...
  16. Hi Chamacs,

    My usecase is that:
    1. Action1 will contain the creation of storeName1 and have its record loaded to Form1.
    2. Action2 will contain the manipulation of Form1's field values...
  17. To be more precise:

    I have storeName in Store Manager, then:

    (Inside controllerAction1)
    var storeName1 = this.getStore('storeName');
    storeName1.load({//callback function: get record from...
  18. Hi,

    I have a FORM which is loaded with companyRecord from companyStore of ControlAction1.
    I have ControlAction2 which sets the companyRecord with newData via form.getValues().
    Now I want to...
  19. Hi,

    Is there a date release of the next SA3.x GA?
    I want to try out Extjs 4.2.2 on SA3.x first before buying a license for ext.js.

  20. In some cases, there are errors like:
    1. Framework error: Cannot read property 'buffered' of undefined.
    2. Framework error: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined.

    I'll send the code...
  21. Also check how the animation takes place when collapseDirection = right.
    I'm seeing the panel collapse to the left side then animate the collapsed title to the right.

    Panels with many components...
  22. I'm running SA3 on MacOSX Mavericks.

    Everything works fine, if I have 1-2 app pages with minimal UI components.

    More than that, I'm forced to click REFRESH to see the page... even if there is...
  23. Thanks for the insight Skirtle.

    I'll consider your alternative solutions in other projects.

    For now, I really need to have the combobox still filter the store while the grid panel retain...
  24. I hope this kind of usability enhancement will be part of the core Extjs 4.2.x someday.
    Thanks Skirtle for the help.
  25. In ExtJS 4.2.x... when programatically setting the selectionModel of a grid panel as below:

    if (combo) {
    var listGrid =...
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