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  1. What we do is designate a special machine as our official internal repo and sync that to our CDN. We never use that repo to pull third-party packages. You can adjust the script above to remove...
  2. Greetings All -

    I am pleased to announce that we have posted Sencha Cmd 5.0.2 for general use.

    The release notes can be found at

  3. Sorry to hear you are having troubles upgrading. The commands you cited are correct.

    You can upgrade the package as you mentioned from the package's root folder:

    cd packages/foo
  4. Replies
    I was cleaning up my message list and realized I should have mentioned that PhoneGap Build can be used in this case. See for details on...
  5. @medoni -

    Removing your call to initConfig is the correct solution. Now that the Component constructor calls this method you should not do so any more.
  6. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  7. In the most general sense, I don't think there is a "best" place to declare an association between two entities. It could go either way... but one entity must be made aware of the other.

    Where it...
  8. @araad -

    You don't need to require models in order to use them in a reference field. That would typically create a situation where all the models would be pulled in to a build due to the...
  9. @andreas-spindler -

    That is correct. In v4 you had to specify the association on both sides (unless you didn't care about one of them). If your models simply don't have these fields, then...
  10. The important thing to consider with a "reference" field is that it is a field. In the OP:

    Ext.define('App.model.Email', {
    extend: '',
    idProperty: 'Id'
  11. @Scott -

    In Cmd 5.0.2 we only use Ext.globalEval (in Boot.js) for synchronously loaded code (but this has always been the case for that situation). All other code (which should be 100% if you...
  12. Hmm..... that is a completely different error now. I suppose we should stick with "app watch" then and see if we can get a clue what file is the problem by adding "-debug" there.
  13. I can make this same error happen by adding the following line to my generated Application.js file:

    Ext.define('ExtApp.Application', {
    extend: '',

  14. Setting "indexHtmlPath" is the correct answer for dev mode. The generated paths need to know the relative path to the web root.

    For build mode, you'll want to look at the new "output" object and...
  15. Please check the various responses to and see if that clarifies things.

    The key property...
  16. @amsoft -

    On your build/production issue, you have:

    "output": {
    "base": "${}/${build.environment}/${}",
    "page": {
  17. @bmacdon1 -

    I am not following what you mean by:

    Are you saying that the "index.html" file used for dev mode doesn't load the build output? That would be expected. By default, Cmd generates...
  18. @amsoft -

    To recap, your structure is to have 100% of the Cmd app inside a "static" folder of your web root? I assume your web page is located in the web root? You never mentioned explicitly on...
  19. @anton.dimitrov -

    You should make all changes in "app.json" not ".sencha/app/app.defaults.json". The defaults json file is merged with your "app.json" so whatever you place in your file will win....
  20. You can try Cmd 5.0.2 ( to see if that helps.
  21. We decided to remove the "*-w-comments.js" files to keep package size down so I will close this bug, but you can build these files if you like.

    The "build.xml" file for Ext JS includes this...
  22. Great to hear the good news! :)
  23. I'm not sure what framework you are using but if you are using Ext JS 5.0.1 you'll need a newer version of Sencha Cmd. The latest build is available here:...
  24. @grdrew -

    Can you post a fiddle ( for me to look at?
  25. Build is up!

    Please refer to

    Please start new threads to discuss any further loader issues with Cmd...
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