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  1. @brian
    Thanks for the enlightenment! Now I understand what your (ExtJS team) point was all about! Behavior! Indeed, you are right and there's nothing to "haggle" on, concerning that topic.

    My key...
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    You can also look in the source code of my extension - key navigated DataView.
    Binding a KeyNav to document isn't that practical, especially if you...

    You can look into the source code for an extension I developed - key navigated DataView.
    Div elements do not catch key events, therefore you need to...
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    The extension that I developed adds key navigation to DataView, but it is a good example of how to add key-navigation to a DIV (div doesn't catch key...

    This feature is now implemented through an extension and is pretty stable

  6. Thanks for the reply, Jack!

    "JsonStore" as a phrase doesn't imply HttpProxy, but I do agree it's only a shortname (preconfigured store) so no biggy afterall.
  7. While I concur that JsonStore is and should be a preconfigured store, I don't understand why it has to have a Http Proxy.

    But Jack has had his word here...
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, tal_gi!

    Any response from the Dev Team?
  9. bump

    No response on this?
  10. Thorsten, looks really nice and useful!
  11. March 26, 2008
    This extension has been discontinued! A new extension with the same capabilities, but with cleaner and smarter code will be uploaded within the future days.

    I'm sorry that I've...
  12. Ext.ux.Andrie.DataView implements key navigation for a regular Ext.DataView

    Looking forward to comments.


    PS: This extension behaves funny under Opera (when using Shift and/or Ctrl). Any...
  13. I was going for a simple case of using PagingMemoryProxy with JsonStore, but that was not possible.

    The following scenario should do just fine: = new{
  14. Probably you already have this in SVN, but I'm pointing it out here just in case.

    Safari treats arrow-keys only in keydown now, therefore...
  15. setEditable sets the readOnly attribute to false in order to make the input field editable.
    While in theory this is the right thing to do, readOnly attribute is actually not a boolean attribute but...
  16. Need to bump this. I managed to get into the same situation, but I do seem to have an example/argument that hasn't been used so far.

    Open the examples/form/combos.html available in the ExtJS 2.0.2...
  17. Need to bump this. I managed to get into the same situation, but I do seem to have an example/argument that hasn't been used so far.

    Open the examples/form/combos.html available in the ExtJS 2.0.2...
  18. DataView's listener for its store add event is broken.

    Broken as in: it adds to dataview.all.elements only the first element added (corresponding to the first added record), although store.add...
  19. Not a bug, but more like an improvement.

    A menu-item with a submenu closes the menu on click, at this moment.
    Shouldn't a menu-item with a submenu be made by default not-clickable?

    This is the...
  20. @galdaka

    1. small slipup - I erased editable:false when I switched to comboCfg property. Will go back to non-editable as default in the next version

    2. I think pageSizing is one thing...
  21. @aparajita - I think the normal thing to do is to show the last records available in the store. Updated to v0.6. Please test and thanks for the bug post

    @meteorbites - Thank YOU
  22. touche, galdaka!... will happen with next version

    [EDIT] which is now
  23. @aparajita - You must know that you are free to TAKE SOME TIME and look in the source code (line 146).

    this.combo = Ext.ComponentMgr.create(Ext.applyIf(this.comboCfg||{}, {... default combo...
  24. @aparajita: I see where this is going. I updated to v0.4 and added comboCfg config object.

    You can use it to modify the default xtype property (combo) to another registered component, thus...
  25. bump - plugin updated to 0.3

    @dima&sugen - I suggest you do a better job at reading about Ext. You "control" what values PHP, or JAVA, or any other server-side language will return by reading the...
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