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    I added controller dispatch with History and Router, along with other improvements to the nested-loading MVC example if anyone wants to see a working version:
  2. Try messing around with the directories. It works for me in Chrome and firefox.

    I don't think so. Usually in that situation, I'll save a reference or use Ext.ComponentQuery.query().

  3. Hey Tom, I think we're misunderstanding each other because of the language barrier. I have some free time right now though, so I updated the nested-loading example to do what I've been saying.
  4. If you can't make your server side handle restful urls like /members/1 you can make a custom proxy to create whatever kinds of urls you want, although this might be a bit advanced for you... You can...
  5. Hey again,

    I looked at the code.

    First, you should use the Rest proxy instead of the Ajax proxy in your model. The rest proxy will generate the correct urls for getting, creating, updating and...
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    Super weird, maybe designer is messing with it somehow. You tried opening the list and typing the file name?

    Worst case you can put debugger; lines in your code and reload.
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    Yea, sorry I don't know of any websites either. I figured this approach out by myself, which means hopefully you can too.

    Start from the MVC examples and work from there. PM me if you post again...
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    I haven't used Designer so I can't talk to 1), but re: the others:

    2) I use firebug constantly and don't seem to have a problem opening async loaded .js files and setting breakpoints in the...
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    In order to maintain a separation of concerns, as a general rule, I only allow communication between components at the controller level, by getting other controllers and calling methods on them.
  10. Hey Mitchell,

    I tried that, but the class gets added to the x-mask-msg el, which is the box with the text and animated gif, not the x-mask, the gray transparent element that covers what I'm...
  11. Is there a way to style the LoadMask background (as opposed to the msg)?

    I want to make it white and opaque in certain cases (but not others, so css on .x-mask won't do).

    I can't seem to find a...
  12. None of the solutions here worked for me. (I'm on 4.0.7)

    After stepping through the layout code for like 3 hours, I solved it by changing Ext.layout.component.BoundList like so:

    In onLayout,...
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    +1 to this. Man, I hate it when this happens. It would be really nice if this didn't fail silently.

    Now I know that if nothing happens and there's no error it's probably a typo in a class name,...
  14. Still an issue in ExtJS 4.0.7. Work around is to override HtmlEditor's cleanHtml function with a regex to url decode hrefs:

    cleanHtml: function(html) {
    var me = this,
    result =...
  15. Hey Mitchell thanks for replying, that's what I'm doing right now.

    I think I'm just going to load the jsb3 json in a python script, add the extra files and write it back.

    edit: On 2nd thought,...
  16. Is there a way to include extra files in the jsb3 created by sencha create?

    I've got a couple of files that I don't load with Ext.Loader (Because they aren't classes) so they are not added to the...
  17. Hey thanks for checking it out Mitchell. I tried it in Firefox and Chrome on Mac and Windows.

    In case we're doing something different I made a stupid little screencast to illustrate.
  18. This can be reproduced in the dynamic forms demo with firebug/chrome console
    Same issues occur in 4.1b2. Just using examples...
  19. Nice!

    It is normal if you're posting json. Query args have to be of the form key=value, so how would you represent a json object with nested objects and arrays? It's hacky but possible to do with...
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    So, live search finds rows in the grid that matches the search and selects them.

    That's not compatible with paging, because rows on other pages are not loaded and therefore can't be selected.
  21. It's in the post body as json, not in the post query args.


    $form_data =...
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    If want search and also have enough data to need paging, I think you want to use, and treat it like it's a remote store, ie, when you want to search, set a filter on the...
  23. Did your dirty hack look like this? This approach of commenting and uncommenting the !DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags on the way in and out seems to work for me, although I haven't tested it on IE...
  24. Your model field should be setup like this:

    fields: [{name: 'my_date', type: 'date', dateFormat: 'timestamp', persist: false}]

    choose dateFormat:'timestamp' and then send the date as a unix...
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    Hey, I had the same problem. After finding your unanswered post I managed to find a solution and thought I'd post it for the record.

    To get the json writer to encode Dates as timestamps you have...
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