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  1. Same problem with this conf:

  2. Sass::SyntaxError on line ["91"] of /Users/lucaFerrarese/Library/Application Support/Sencha/Sencha Architect 3.2/extracted/ext51-compile/ext-theme-gray/build/_architect_other.scss: Undefined mixin...
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    I can't replicate gauge basic like charts-kitchensink.
    In SA 3.2 there isn't the possibility to add an axis "gauge".
  4. I am a single developer, a Sencha customer for many years.
    I recognize that Sencha is an important tool in the development of web and mobile applications.
    I work in a FabLab and it was my...
  5. but... single developers must go away from Sencha?
    There is a mistake?
  6. Same bug on Ext.device.Device

  7. Is another bug of SA 3.1?
    Any Fix?
  8. Same problem for me,
    anyone have a solution?

    Sencha Architect

  9. Ok, but:
    how can i fix this problem?

    Sencha Architect

  10. Same problem with SA...
    Anyone have a solution?

  11. Same error for me.
    On ~/.bash_profile there are this lines:

    export SENCHA_CMD_3_0_0="/Users/lucaFerrarese/bin/Sencha/Cmd/"
    export ANT_HOME="/Users/lucaFerrarese/bin/ant"
  12. Hi, same problem.Any ideas?Chart work only in browser preview.Thanks,Luca
  13. In SA 3.0.4 all this operation work correctly, not in SA 3.1.0 build 1903:

    1) css and style not work
    2) can't build ios pachage
    3) can't modify build setting

    No good!
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    command: sencha phonegap remove

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [ERR] Unknown command: "remove"

    This is not good!
  15. News about this problem?
  16. I pasted
    function(value, record) { return (value) ? 'true value' : 'false value';
    Below the code that Architect do when i set renderer from config panel.
    Any suggest?

  17. Hi all,
    i'm using SA3 with touch 2.3.1 for a mobile app.
    I have a grid and i want to "renderer" value in a column.
    Renderer function is available but only like a object with default value "false"....
  18. Same problem for me with...

    Sencha Architect

  19. This can help to find a solution:

    on click in a button extjs create a locked grid (ExtJs 4.2.2) i have a store with group feature, so the first time i load the store all go right.
    The second time...
  20. Same (my) code, different js, different result:

    Using ExtJs 4.2.2 with ext/ext-dev.js error found.
    With ExtJs 4.2.2 with path/ext-all-debug-w-comments.js error NOT FOUND!
    With ExtJs 4.2.2 with...
  21. Hi,
    starting from a new ExtJs app with SA3, when i try to preview in Chrome some error appear about Ext is not defined.
    On console i see that in index.html path to ext-dev.js is in undefined...
  22. I found the same problem in Touch 2.3.0, tabBar pushed up when keypad is visible and next's button action don't follow the form.
    If we have a form with a lot of field, with next button the form...
  23. Solved!
    In architect 2 when a chart is linked into panel or container, label don't show.
    If u move the chart inside the panel or container all work fine.

    It's another bug?
  24. Chart legend in Architect 2 don't' show.

    In Architect chart show well with Legend, in Chrome legend not show.
  25. No, no, no... this fix don't work!!!!
    Only update Touch from 2.2.1 to 2.3 3.0 the problem is solve, but with architect there are some problem to build or simulate!

    Have anyone the same problem...
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