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  1. Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.1.2

    Operating System:

    OS X 10.6.7
    Full size keyboard

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    JimR - take a look at this:

    and this for some background:
  3. Clearly was over analyzing the original problem :D


    CPNR.grids.GridDropZone = function(grid, config){
    this.grid = grid;
  4. I have two grouping grids in a panel and need to drag and drop multiple rows in either direction. The grids work but the dd proxy indicates there are no drop targets.

    Any pointers would be really...
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    I think I am experiencing the same problem. The scenario is slightly different because I have more groups in the grid. With more groups a pattern emerges. The grid has tools to collapse, expand and...
  6. Look at the source for the Layout Browser example. The center region is a card layout. Tab panels descend from card layouts if I remember correctly.
  7. Simple - thank you
  8. I'm having a real problem with this and notifications. The parent window steals the focus, hides the notification and pretty much renders things useless. It's a real mess if the parent is modal.
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