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  1. Thanks Scott, my paging works fine but just for a set of data, if I'm on page 2 and I retrieve a different set of data to show in the grid (instead 15 records, let's say 5) the paging says that I am...
  2. Hi all,

    I'm still learning about extjs 4, and I have some problems with my gridpanels.

    Problem 1:
    I want to show my gridpanel like the example here (with expanded rows):...
  3. Hi everyone.

    I just want to create that messages box like these(the little ones after the real messages box).:

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    I guess "lines" don't work with arrows, try (useArrows: false), works for me. (:
  5. Anyone? I read a little more about charts, and I'm pretty sure it's almost done.

    The thing is, I get these console errors:

    Error: Invalid value for <svg> attribute width="-Infinity"
  6. So here's my situation, I return a JSON Data like this:

    value0: 4
    value1: 1
    value2: 0
    value3: 0

    And how my model looks like:

    {name:'value0', type: 'int'},
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    My mistake, removeAll() works just fine, it was the onSelectionChange in other grid that caused this problem, thanks (:
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    Thanks mitchell, I tried with store.removeAll() that clears my grid, but just for one second, then the loading message and then data is loaded again :S I don't know why this happens. :S
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    Hi all,

    I'm working with some grids, let's say that I have 3 grids:
    on selection change in grid 1, a store.load is executed, loading data in grid 2.
    But, on selection change in grid 3 I want...
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    Yes, I checked, but it is not valid because it expects just one record, but I'm sending two.
    According to the docs:

    getUpdatedRecords( ) :
    Returns all Model instances that have been updated in...
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    I'm implementing the row editing for my treepanel, but it isn't working as I expected, sometimes the update action distorts my treepanel and sometimes doesn't. Also I'm having problems with the sync...
  12. I could use some help. I haven't found what I'm doing wrong yet.
  13. I've noticed a few things after create/update nodes in my treepanel:

    *When I create a node, the update function is called. (It's supposed to be the create function isn't it?

    *After editing...
  14. Thanks, I just thought that the model wasn't necessary for the treeStores, so I suppose that a model would be good for a more complete treegrid.
  15. Hi fellows, I'm working with an editable treepanel (see snapshots).



    So far it's working as I expected on the client side. But I don't understand the relation between...
  16. I'm new in extjs 4. So far I have built an editable treepanel from JSON data, I can add new nodes, edit & delete them. I read the documentation about trees and nodeInterface, but I'm not sure, I'm...
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    I set formBind to true, but nothing, also there's nothing about formBind in the sencha docs :S
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    This is gonna sound silly, but I'm new in Extjs 4, I have this window:32113

    I need the OK button be enable when the texfield is valid, and disabled when not. I don't know whether to validate the...
  19. Thanks vietits, I was doing that but in the wrong way, now the record is selected after the itemcontextmenu, and works as I expected (:
  20. So here's the thing, I want to create a new node with a context menu, but the problem occurs, when I select a node before the right click:

    I select Parent 3:
    Then right click on Parent 5,...
  21. Thanks mitchellsimoens, that did the trick :)

  22. Yes, but only the nodes created by the itemclick event, the "leaf nodes" from the JSON seem to work fine. Can I avoid that server call?
  23. Thanks for the reply.
    It's supposed that TestNode is leaf, but I didn't define the property leaf: true because I'd like to add new nodes to it. For example my JSON response contains nodes the way I...
  24. Here's how my treepanel looks:
    It works fine, but...


    I added an itemclick event: (itemclick: this.selectNode)

    selectNode: function(view, record, item, index, e, eOpts){
  25. Thanks vietits!, the answer I was looking for, it works perfect now (:
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