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  1. It looks like radar chart fails to render correctly if the underlaying store contains only '0's throughout all the series.

    I debugged it and there are 2 underlaying issues:
  2. Hello,

    I have exactly the same problem... panel with hbox layout and two children with autoHeight=true; the panel does not render correctly at all.

    Could someone post a working example,...
  3. Hello,

    1) stateful GridPanel that uses groupingstore with autoLoad set to false and remoteGrouping set to true
    2) the state manager contains state for this grid that contains columns...
  4. Thanks! Got the same problem... your solution seems to work for me as well.
  5. Would it be possible to actually force JavaScript compilation for the whole page? Personally, I would not mind waiting for a few seconds just after a page is loaded in order to have smooth navigation...
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    I believe this is the same issue as with standard ExtJS - you have to use a wrapper in order to put a TabPanel within other TabPanel - meaning, a TabPanel cannot be a direct child of another TabPanel...
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    Makes somehow sense. Thanks!
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    I'd expect the code below to generate scroll bars on fieldset once the textarea is bigger than the window size. Can someone explain me why it does not?

  9. I've got exactly the same problem with all the official examples provided with Sencha Touch. Any application, if to bookmark is to a home screen, it will never open - it opens and ?crashes? whilst...
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    I am trying to port some .jsb projects to .jsb2. I've created a XSLT that does the job pretty automatically. There is one bug with JSBuilder2 that I came over - JSBuilder2 crashes on...
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