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  1. Hi Khooten. did you get an answer to your question about how much data you can store in total on I am looking to start an app and to have the data stored in but would like to...
  2. Jason, can you expand a little more on

    If we had a live database already but we wanted to manipulate that data through a sencha touch app how would we go about importing the data into...
  3. Thanks for response. Ive now got the code below and I can see how this will work dynamically changing the 3 things listed in the comments .

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true

  4. With app.js code below I want to work with stores and models that are configured within Sencha Touch dynamically so before the app runs it has no idea what fields and data are in the model and...
  5. I should have read google maps docs before posting.

    The line gmap.setMapCenter(plot); should be gmap.setCenter(plot);..

  6. when I use the following code the google map centers but throws this error: Uncaught Error: Invalid value for property <map>: [object HTMLDivElement]

  7. I have fixed my issue by putting the .mobileprovision file into the root of the application.

    My blog post details the whole process on packaging
  8. I have fixed my issue by putting the .mobileprovision file into the root of the application.

    My blog post details the whole process on packaging
  9. I'm still having problems packaging an iOS app for Windows 7 but originally posted the below in ST2 forum. Can anyone help?
  10. I'll put this down to tiredness but I realised the outputPath path in my packager.json file was within my input path and therefore causing the recursion. To solve put the outputPath up one level...
  11. Hi

    I'm trying to package a working Sencha Touch app for iOS .

    Another forum post explains the background. But bascially I got it to package using Sencha Cmd, but failed to install the app. So...
  12. I have installed Sencha Cmd and have packaged an iOS app (more info on my blog post) , but when I have tried to put it on my iphone I get the error "iTunes sync SenchaTest failed to install". I am...
  13. thanks for that. Adding the mime type json to IIS fixed the issue.
  14. This is strange - up until now I have used Version without issue. As packaging doesn't appear to work using that version, I've downloaded 2.0.1 last night and browsing to any examples...
  15. I am trying to find a way to build a ST2 app using camera on a Windows machine.

    I am following notes in this forum post ...
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I've finally found out how to do this with a site. Post is looking better now. Cheers
  17. My blog post describes a quick and simple way to sync localStorage with data coming from a remote source. Would like to hear any feedback on this.

  18. I found that Private Browsing enabled on ios Safari browser causes the javascript error. Disabling Private browsing allowed the Getting Started app to work fine. Thanks anyway for your help on this.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch
    Browser versions tested against:

    ios 5.1.1 Safari
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  20. I don't believe this is the Ext.log.Logger as I had already edited sencha-touch-2.0.0-gpl/command/src/module/generate/App/app.json.tpl so that it contained

    "logger": "false"

    I don't know...
  21. Following this tutorial I create the GS (get started) app. I then immediately build a production app (sencha app build production). I can browse to the built app ok in chrome and Safari on my Windows...
  22. I'm using a variable which I declare in the launch function of app.js

    launch: function() {
    // Destroy the #appLoadingIndicator element'appLoadingIndicator').destroy();...
  23. Hi Mohangs

    I recommend watching this video. This will show you a production build which will generate code that you can deploy to a server and view the app through your mobile browser. Or you can...
  24. Replies
    Hi Abe

    I have read both but still confused to be honest as it seems there's a lot of presumed knowledge in these guides . For example, I guess you have to join the Apple iOS Developer Program to...
  25. After googling and reading more tonight I'm even more confused on this whole process. Apologies if my postings are pretty useless but I saw this and thought this thread may be similar to your issue...
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