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  1. Hi,
    I have following code for the select field :

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    label: 'Choose one',
    options: [
  2. setReadOnly (true) or false is not working in latest sencha 2.3 but its works fine for earlier version of sencha.
  3. Hi,

    I want to destroy my alert message when i am resuming my application. Please help me.
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    You can refer this:
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    In my application two tab having same name and i am defining reference of the tab using tab titles, so when onTap of one tab its executing both function. How can i avoid this. Please suggest...
  6. thank you . for quick reply.

    its ipad application so i written ios plugin and i done it.
  7. I am getting base64 encoded string response of pdf(tif) file form server. I want to decode it and save as a (pdf)file in sd card (locally). After saving the file i want to open this file in child...
  8. i'm developing a blackberry webworks application using sencha touch . And after making build getting white screen is my code:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01...
  9. i checked my sencha code is working fine. but now i want to use that code in blackberry there i having problem.
  10. Can Please any one tell how to use sencha project in the blackberry phonegap application. I have a sencha project that working fine. Now want to use this project in the Blackberry phonegap...
  11. I'm getting white screen after running phonegap blackberry application using sencha.
    Please anyone tell me why this error?
  12. i tried sencha application to run on blackberry simulator torch 9800. but it display white screen only.
    sencha guys please give procedural overview how to run sencha touch application on blackberry...
  13. hi,

    I runing sencha application using blackberry phonegap.for this steps i following;
    1. make build of sencha application using command(sencha app build package)
    2.created blackberry ...
  14. I have model , view, controller files of sencha application, where i place these files in blackberry webwork application.
  15. I read this link but i didnot get how to run sencha application on blackberry simulator or device.Actually i made a sencha project that i want to run on blackberry device. how to do that? What is the...
  16. I have sencha touch application it's working fine . But now i want to run this sencha touch application on blackberry simulator or device. How can i do this? please help me.
  17. hi,
    I made a sencha touch-2 application .Now i want to run this sencha application on blackberry simulator.
    how can i do this? how to create phonegap build of sencha application?
  18. even i'm trying to run sencha application on blackberry device. it's giving error.
    Invalid application archive - resource name is not valid(www/RetailBanking/.senchasdk)
  19. ios code is needed for that?
  20. Hi,
    I'm developing a ipad application using sencha. In my application i want to open a local epub file on the button click. how it can be done ? Is it possible to do it in sencha ?
    Is native...
  21. I,m developing application for iPad using sencha touch-2 .I want to open pdf file in a overlay on the button click. i'm able to do that using above code but pdf file loading is taking time. How can...
  22. hi,
    i want to open a overlay with pdf file on the button click.
    i'm able to do it but seach option is not working seems.
    please help me on this issue.
    my code is:
    for overlay:

  23. i have two panel. when i'm click on the left panel items its calling web service and populating the right panel and same time its updating the number of items in the right panel to the left panel...
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