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  1. I have a strange problem
    I'm using gxt 3.0.1 and gwt 2.5

    The trouble code is as follows:

    TextArea textArea = new TextArea();

    In hosted mode...
  2. I think FieldSet class has a error in expand() method. Instead of invoking the event BeforeExpandEvent, invokes the event BeforeCollapseEvent.

    if (fireCancellableEvent(new BeforeCollapseEvent()))...
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    Hello, the problem presented is very strange.

    What I discovered is this:

    The focus is on a textField and i introduce any changes.
    When I press a button on the toolbar (a textButton...
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    I'm using GXT 3.0.1.
    The problem arises with the submit of the blur event when a field loses focus.

    I have a panel with several textfields and a toolbar with buttons. If a field loses focus when...
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