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    Isn't it still inconsistent, it's just that the behaviour has now been defined (i.e. an array in multiselect)?

    Wouldn't always passing an array be consistent?
  2. Thanks for the help again.

    Following some discussion we settled on the fact that the combo should not listen to the store filterchange event if remote.


  3. Currently checkValueOnChange does the following:

    checkValueOnChange: function() {
    var me = this;

    // <snip>
    if (me.multiSelect) {
    // <snip>
  4. Another tough one to track down this.

    In our combobox class we use onBindStore to perform some processing.
    One of these is adding an empty item to the store if allowBlank is true (and we've been...
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    Bah, fair enough I guess. Would prefer it to always be an array though...
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    I have to question the wisdom of changing the select event signature to be either a single model or an array of models based on multiselect. It's madness.

    I now have to check every select listener...
  7. I can still foresee issues here.

    Our forms generally set focus to the first non-disabled/read-only field on the form on boxready.
    If a combo has focus and a setValues is performed won't we still...
  8. No, should just happen.

    Possibly a race condition or something then?
    Happens every time for me, and I know that Nige has seen it (since messaged him).

  9. Also seeing a few more issues with setValue not sticking in IE11 and combos, possibly related?

    Possibly when setValue happens before the remote load has come back or something.
    Quite hard to set...
  10. Try this fiddle in IE11:

    I <3 IE!
  11. Updated override:

    Ext.define('Altus.overrides.mixin.Observable', {
    override: 'Ext.mixin.Observable',

    compatibility: '',
  12. It looks like there is an intent to not overwrite by using the prototype?
    If that's the case then I'm not sure it's working.

    I could probably craft as fiddle to demonstrate, but I think there are...
  13. Hi guys,

    Have spent a while tracking this issue down, and have a fix... but I guess there's a question mixed in(!) here too.

    The issue I am seeing is some listeners that point at a view...
  14. Quite an obscure one this, but one I have had to work around due to having a 'to fit' layout in grids with paging toolbars...

    Anyway, you can see it in this fiddle in IE8:...
  15. Seems that this code was in Ext 5.0.1 and removed in a 5.0.2 nightly.

    See here:

    The override is in there too:

  16. Nice one, thanks Nige.

    I was looking to post another issue with combos (incoming soon) so accidentally edited out your changes (oops).
    You remember the changes you made?

  17. Have created a fiddle to demonstrate the issue:

    I had to add some of our default config to get it to happen.
    Oh, and only happens in Chrome too it seems.
  18. Yeah, but the problem now is that util inherits from mixin, and adds nothing (just changes how config is consumed)...
  19. Ah, was still there in beta... fine in final release.

    I was half way through the upgrade when final dropped :P
  20. New override (as of

    onValueChange: function (field, e) {
    var me = this,
    updateBuffer = me.updateBuffer;

    // If the change came...
  21. Not seeing this as fixed.

    Our override:

    activateMenu: function () {
    var me = this,
    items =,
    value = me.filter.getValue(),
  22. At least I think this should probably be the default behaviour.

    Happy to be shouted down, but thought would mention it, since have to keep checking our overrides on each upgrade.

  23. Failing to do so means that the input focus task in the base Text field never gets cancelled.
    This can cause crazy focus flashing issues.

    No time to produce fiddle at the moment, but a glance at...
  24. Really?!

    I changed a lot of code from using mon to on when we upgraded to Ext 5.
    Now I see in 5.1.0 it is no longer deprecated.

    What's going on?
    Which should we be using?

    I thought...
  25. Still an issue in 5.1.0 beta
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