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    No, support isn't my goal with ExtJS-WebSocket, I'm sorry.
    It's not trivial integrating Ext.ux.WebSocket with the server side part of because it is strongly bound with its client...
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    Why not?
    Ext.ux.WebSocket it's just a wrapper for the HTML5 WebSocket object, so if wss works for normal websockets, it will work for my extension too ;)
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    Good to hear it!
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    Thanks :D
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    Here we go guys with a new extension!

    Ext.ux.Ajax seems to replace the old Ext.Ajax, indeed.
    Well, that's correct :P

    Ext.Ajax is just a singleton of, while Ext.ux.Ajax is a...
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    Hey guys!

    Today I'm gonna to present javascript promises for ExtJS and Sencha Touch!
    Hell yeah!
    Nowadays, lots of frameworks and libraries have implemented promises: ExtJS/Sencha Touch wont be...
  7. @okello: Thanks! Yeah, I think it could be an interesting feature! I'll give it a look as soon as possible ;) Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Hi okello and thanks for use my extension!

    Can you tell me what kind of data does your server send?
    By default, works with CRUD API, so every call have the following...
  9. Update for Ext.ux.WebSocket and

    I've added the auto re-connect behaviour to my WebSocket extensions. Now, when the server closes the connection and open it back...
  10. Hi elgs!
    First of all, I'm really happy to know that you're using my extension! So, thank you :D

    Thank you so much!
    When I added CDN sources, I forgot to setup the Loader correctly: it works...
  11. Thanks :D
  12. Yeah, you're right! does two things: 1) registers websockets; 2) catches and broadcasts back every incoming messages with their data. That's all.
    You can see the communication between...
  13. I don't know if exists an implementation of Ext.Direct +
    However, there's extjs-socketio:
    I think I will give it a look to make...
  14. Thank you!
    I'll try to make ExtJS-WebSocket (the websocket wrapper behind compatible with ;)
  15. Now available on Sencha Market:

  16. Thank you so much! Congratulations, questions and constructive criticism are welcome :D

    Well, it doesn't work with because it's a particular backend.
    However, it works great with other...
  17. Hi ExtJSers!

    Finally, I made it!

    After two evenings of hard work, I'm proud to present you

    Yeah, great,...
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    Damn, that what I was afraid of!
    So, I've to create two extensions: one for the proxy and the other for the store, right?

    Thanks anyway!
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    Hi guys,

    I'm developing a websocket proxy (, based on Ext.ux.WebSocket (
    The proxy works well except...
  20. Now, Ext.ux.WebWorker is available even for Sencha Touch ;)

    See ya!

  21. ExtJS WebWorker is now available on Sencha Market!
  22. You're welcome!

    I wrote an article for further information:

    If you need helps/assistance, just PM me ;)
  23. Added demo and docs: see the edit ;)

    @scottmartin: it's a pleasure :D
  24. Hi fellas,

    I'm pleased to present: ExtJS-WebWorker!
    After the success of ExtJS-WebSocket now is the turn of Web Workers!
    And what do we have here?

    Two classes: Ext.ux.WebWorker and...
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    Hi there!

    I spent my evening developing this extension for ExtJS 4.

    What's Ext.ux.GMapManager? Just a singleton that manages multiple google maps with multiple markers.
    Is it a google maps...
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