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  1. Nice job :)

    I've updated the post for the ExtJS2/3 version with a link to this thread.
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    I don't remember exactly whether this was on purpose or just plain lazyness on my part. I guess I couldn't imagine not being able to move the tooltip anyway, as I'm constantly annoyed when popups...
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    Thankx jstrx, don't know how I didn't notice this before. The online version is fixed now. Let me know in case there are any issues together with the RowActions plugin.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, I've modified my example source here to also apply the tip fn to the data used in non-Ajax tooltips. Let me know if that's what you need. The extension code itself can be...
  5. Sorry, but that's not true. Changing the field type between text and password is an operation on the underlying HTML element that every browser supports, so it's sufficient to assign the correct type...
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    You can pass all regular configuration options of Ext.ToolTip to the CellToolTips in the tipConfig property. To avoid auto-hiding the tip after a certain amount of time you need to set dismissDelay...
  7. As hitting the browser's refresh button completely unloads and reloads all javascript, you'll need the app to remember things like which tab was active somewhere else. That's where Ext.StateManager...
  8. You can use "CODE_LIST" in your store's field definitions and in your column's dataIndex right away. The only thing you have to add is a renderer for your column, something like:

  9. The problem is with the blurring. A TriggerField listens for mouseclicks outside of the component itself to blur, and the blurring in turn ends the grid's editing action. So the solution should be to...
  10. The record's constructor stores a reference to the data, so modifying the data object also modifies the record's contents. In your case all records reference the same data object.

    One usually...
  11. As an XmlReader is supposed to consume more than one record, those records must be contained in the root node, not be the root node itself. So your result tags need to be wrapped inside a "document"...
  12. Did you try to force apply the style using "!important"?

    .x-grid3-hd-inner {
    font-size: 13pt !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;
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    You can add the handlers by hooking onto the TreePanel's 'append' event.

    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    listeners: {
    'append' : function(tree, parent, node) {
    node.on( 'click',...
  14. Please don't camelcase words that are meant to be all lowercase, like rowdblclick - Javascript is a case sensitive language after all.
  15. Did you have a look at the example with the reusable renderer?

    Initially, the combo and the grid column know nothing about each other but two things:

    If you click on a cell to edit it, the...
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    Condor means that instead of instanciating each formpanel on its own, like

    var fp1 = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    title: 'panel1',
    items: [
    { fieldLabel: 'value1', name: 'value1' }
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    In the first case you are assigning a single object to the series property, while in the second one you are assigning an array of objects. Thus the following should work too:

    series: [
  18. That's because of the duplicity of function and object in Javascript and the therefore needed prototype inheritance scheme. If you add a property to the Ext.Button object itself, it is created as an...
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    You need to update the panel's body, not the whole element that represents the panel. Use

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    But one thing I just saw: you've got two fields/columns with identical names, does it help if you rename the second one to e.g. "name": "provname"?
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    Sorry, I take everything back, re-reading the JSON your structure is fine.
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    Your provincia data needs to be assigned to an attribute of your basic object with the name "provincia", i.e. (newlines added for clarity):

  23. Have a look at this thread, you're perhaps hitting a bug in 3.1. You can check whether that's the case by changing your remove call to:

    this.remove(oldPanel, false);
    and see if the error...
  24. Did you try

    var values =
    city: 'Santa Clara',
    countryName: 'US'

    ? Though the combo lets the user select the country's name, its value is a country code and it expects...
  25. Did you forget to wrap your code in an Ext.onReady callback?
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