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  1. I tried this. Ext.create('Model',{ field: 1, navData: 'added data here' }); Though I specified the navigation data, it is still requesting to server. I think the issue is on...
  2. Is there a way to create model that will specify the data of association so it will not request to server?
    It seems there is a bug on loading association when creating model. There is no filter...
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    Hello slemon,

    It seems that is not working when using 'reference'.

    This was based on the documentation on 'Data Package'...
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    How does model inheritance work in ExtJS 5? Is it the same in ExtJS 4 where the derived model will have the associations the same as the base model?

    Example: If I have a base model 'Person' that...
  5. How we can test the fix here? Can we download the 5.0.2? This bug is critical for us. Any workaround?
  6. Thank you evant for the reply. In ExtJS 4.2, if base model has an association the derived model will also have the association property. Does it mean you changed that in ExtJS 5? When requesting...
  7. EXT JS 5.0.1
  8. My primary purpose of removing the editor is to skip that column when user pressed the tab. I just resolved it by returning 'false' to 'beforeedit' event of the celledit plugin. Will it not work for...
  9. Were you able to resolve your issue here? We have the same case, but my main purpose is to remove editor. I tried to remove it using setEditor(null) but I didn't work.
  10. Are there any plans on this?
    I've checked the 4.2.2 codes and copyFrom still the same. Or the issue on updating associations were fixed on other...
  11. What is the drawback to show dataview when clicking the arrow on splitbutton? Or, is it possible?:-?
  12. Hello Mitchell,

    Thanks for the idea. :)
  13. Why is it necessary to configure the store from 'stores' config of controller to make it usable? If I did not do that there was an error 'cannot call method 'on' of undefined'. Can't we just require...
  14. I am using Sencha Cmd version and I have two packages. I am loading the controller from other package which has different namespace. It seems that the application still looking for the...
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    How to add package repository? I know how to use "sencha repository add" but I don't know what are the server repository requirements?
  16. I just found out about the exclude command.
  17. Is it possible to create a minified js for all the extjs dependencies on our application using sencha cmd?
  18. What's with the changes on the library folder structure?
    'src' folder has been removed.
  19. Do you have any workaround on this?

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 m
    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    I've tried to add a value on componentLayout config of toolbar to this
    overflowHandler : 'Scroller'

    I also tried enabling the 'enableOverflow'

    and even i tried this

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    How do i make my toolbar to use 'Scroller' on overflow?
  23. Hi slemmon,

    I just want to point out the specific solution.
    The messagebox should be added on window before calling show method. :)
  24. How to show a message box over a mask window in modal mode? I don't want to mask the whole document. I just want to mask the current floating window.

    I've tried to manually mask the window and set...
  25. Thanks maciasoft :D
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