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  1. You need some event action that call form and than fill from.
    In my project I use MVC and in controller I have event listener:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Users', {
  2. Try this:

    {header: 'Availability', dataIndex: 'checkvalue', xtype: 'checkcolumn', processEvent: function () { return false; }}

    You don't need editable option.
  3. If you use instantiate -

    store: Ext.create('')

    you twice load

    without any necessary.
  4. Oh, thanks.
    But how to set to instatnse store a different category?
    With proxy: {extraParams: { category: 'second'
    or proxy: {api: {read: 'data/readGoods.php?catagory=second'
  5. In another words.
    On each tab get different category of goods from one store and one model.

    Maybe I need set a filter, params, ... or reconfig store for each tab.

    Do I really need to create...
  6. Hi.
    I've create a tab panel and each tab is a category.
    For each tab I've create a widget view, for manipulate store, columns.

    Ext.define('UserApp.view.goods.scoList' ,{
  7. But how to catch an errors then use api: read, create, update

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    api: {
    read: 'data/readUserVault.php',
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