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  1. Yeah, really dumb... to much copy & paste... ;-)

    But again, thanks for your hints, this solved the problem!
  2. I think the latter problem was, that I confused some

    { name : "subscribe_date", ...
    on one side I had "Datum" on the other "subscribe_date", so also

    { name : "Datum", mapping :...
  3. It is working now, thanks a lot to all!!! You are my heros!

    This code did it:

    { name : "subscribe_date", mapping : "subscribe_date", type: 'date', dateFormat: 'Y-m-d H:i:s' }
  4. {header: 'Datum', width: 250, dataIndex: 'subscribe_date'}
  5. nop, not working...
  6. Sorry, still not showing...
  7. My Record:

    var subscriberRecord =[
    { name : "subscriber_id", mapping : "subscriber_id" },
    { name : "user_id", mapping : "user_id" },
    { name : "subscriber_name",...
  8. Hello,
    I have the following getting back from a database in JSON Format:

  9. Replies
    Ok, I removed the duplicated entries, but that did not change a thing....
    Or what did you want to tell me????
  10. Replies
    here is my code for a Grid, only the subscribe_date column is shown, do not know why, any help, I think I am blind....

    * Subscriber record descriptor.
    * subscriber_id...
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    how do I get the values from a checkboxgroup after submitting my form?
    I have a var called subscriberGroups which consists of several checkboxes read by a query to db. After selecting I want...
  12. Sorry, I rewrote my code, now it is working but I can not tell you how it was....
  13. Hello,
    I try to load an Ext.form.ComboBox with a and
    I get the following results from my query:
  14. solved....
  15. Hello,
    I have EditorGridPanel showing users and on rowselect I want to read the data from another db-table showing the groups where they are belonging to. To do this I call
  16. ok, was like this.
    When I send the data via a FormPanel, everything works fine!
  17. no solution found yet...
    maybe I try to put the values via an extjs form in the db, maybe this helps.
    I put the values directly in...
  18. Thanks!
    I already got the next problem...
    With special chars, the german äüöß...

    Database is in UTF-8, webpage has utf-8 and even the php site now sends a header with utf-8 (I can see in...
  19. Wow!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Now I understand!
    Really, really, thanks a lot!!!
  20. Puh, could you maybe give a little piece of code for a beginner :">
  21. This is my template:

    var tpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<tpl for=".">',
    '<div class="thumb-wrap" id="{name}">',
    '<img src="{url}" title="{name}">',
    '<span>Name: {name}...
  22. Hello,
    is this possible anyway?

    I have a JsonStore loading data.
    In a Panel I show the store with a DataView which uses XTemplate to render the data
    In the XTemplate I would like to include a...
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