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  1. Ext.extend(Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel,{ .....,.....,
    initComponent : function()
    { =new Ext.grid.ColumnModel
    {header: ".....", sortable:true,width: 100, dataIndex:"UploadDate",editor:new...
  2. i'm sure i use it. in the reply, just give the most important config to describle the use way.
    layoutOnTabChange:true, just for multi panel in tabpanle, switch the panel and Set to true to do a...
  3. while i define a class base window,and EditorGridPanel is a control in window, and initialize in initComponent method, then it's work fine。

    so, i guess it's not error from extjs. maybe, it's the...
  4. while i define a class base window,and EditorGridPanel is a control in window, and initialize in initComponent method, then it's work fine。

    so, i guess it's not error from extjs. maybe, it's the...
  5. the same use way and same problem with you
  6. i get the answer, fckeditor's width is 100%, in the formpanel, it's hidden by form.
    so, should set width property,
    setTimeout("loadFCKeditor('" + + "'," + this.config.height + ", '" +...
  7. put EditorGridPanel in tabpanel, the first time,the editor box it's work, but in the second time it's not work.(In IE6).and then take the try{} catch(){}, it's not work also.
    i guess the editor it's...
  8. test for firefox is ok, but in ie6,it's not work.

    in IE6 the ReplaceTextarea method called,and in the debug window, the textarea InnerHTML is

    "<DIV class=\"x-panel x-panel-noborder\"...
  9. some script from control , i can not do that. any way to solve?
  10. panel.load
    url: "loadinfo.aspx",
    params: {FolderId: 1},
    nocache: true,
    text: "loading...",
    timeout: 30,
    scripts: true,
  11. Replies
    i get it.
    fileUpload: true

    but i want to know who's idea for the config? and the use
  12. Replies
    i use the config for input file:
    {xtype:"textfield",fieldLabel:"upload image",name:"photo",inputType:'file'},

    it's render ok

    but when form.submit(); the file have not transform to server.
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    in form/field.js

    // private
    onRender : function(ct, position){, ct, position);
    var cfg = this.getAutoCreate();
  14. i get the problem

    i found when a form with fieldset, the fieldset can't show.

    the problem is the tabPanel
    when add layoutOnTabChange:...
  15. i did:

    layoutConfig:{columns:4,columnWidths : [0.33,0.34,0.33,1.0]},
    layoutConfig:{columns:4,columnWidths : [.33,.34,.33,1]},

    but the problem is same , the formpanel can't show before ie...
  16. i did, but may be not the correct position.
    please mention me

    i searched the forum and api,but i'm sure , i don't know how to do it.

    layoutConfig : {animate :...
  17. formpanel don't show before ie resize(borderlayout in borderlayout)
  18. {
    title:"base info",
    title:"op detail",
  19. i merged two piece of code.
    and you can see the red character in the code below.

    i just to define it as a customer control to call it simply.

    and at end of code ,there is a test code to call...
  20. Sys.ACCESS.Entity --panel with border layout
    |----treepanel --west panel
    |----epanel --center panel with border layout
    |----|----fp --north panel
    |----|----grid --center panel
    the code like...
  21. a treepanel, a gridpanle a formpanel defined

    i want to put the treepanel in the west ,and a vpanel in center,and put a border layout in vpanel.
    then put the formpanel in vpanel's north region,...
  22. by the way ,EditorGridPanel use the fit layout

    any sugestion?
  23. when the some rows in EditorGridPanel,and filling all the space of the EditorGridPanel.
    then the last line can't change to edit status,
    but when add a new record,the last but one can edit again.
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    how can?

    at last i should add this panel to the tabpanel,
    i do as you say, but the error occur the same.
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    i solve the problem ,
    i guess there are some error on border layout.

    and i put 3 panel in the panel,and northpanel with a toolbar,and a west treepanel,and a centerpanel. then it's work fine.
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