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    Thanks rob for the link. I guess my extensive search of the postings was not that extensive after all.

    I did solve the problem but not my confusion of what is happening. The solution was something...
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    first off yes this is similar to, but the solution there did not help me with my problem so I am starting another thread....

    When the combobox is...
  3. Okay. Taking some hours away from the problem and the solution slapped me in the face. Due to how my code is I was not adding the event listener to the connection properly, it was just another "duh"...
  4. I have some data that I am inserting into my local SQLite database via the proxy (proxy.insert(data[])) bypassing the store. Obviously every thing works fine as long as the data is as the...
  5. yea, it does not work..... as a matter of fact I decided to just force data to be loaded to the combo box as shown below:*

  6. Condor,
    Added your bit of code.... no change. Any other suggestions? My head is bloody with beating it against this wall.

    jgarcia- yea its an AIR project..... Just getting my feet wet with this...
  7. I had also thought about it being blank spaces but when I dumped the data there did not seem to be any blank lines, newlines, etc... associated with data. The data does arrive to the application as a...
  8. I have a combobox associated with a SimpleStore. The data does get added to the combobox but there is extra spaces in the list (see screen shot). With some of the data names the user has to click on...
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