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  1. Hello,

    Is Acris working with GXT 3.1.1?

    I have a class:

    public class RuntimeForm extends Composite {
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    I'm interested in how to dynamically load GXT window and its layout.

    I found the project Acris:

    Now the question is how does it work with GXT 3.1.1?...
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    I have a data grid and I would like more on this grid to distinguish the color of some rows.

    The color depends on the data rows in the grid.

    The EXT-GWT 2.2.5 I've done it like this:...
  4. Hello,
    I want to use XTempletes as shown here:

  5. The truth, I came to this. Thanks for your help.

    I'm sorry for this post I noted that the wrong answer
  6. Hello,
    I want to create a class that inherits from the Combobox <BaseModeData>

    public class extends ComboBox MyComboBox <BaseModelData> {

    public MyComboBox (String text) {
  7. The problem is in this line:

    return new LoaderDataResult(new PagingLoadResultBean<BaseModelData>(record, action.getPagingtConfig().getOffset(), record.size()));

    The correct line:
  8. Hello,

    I have a problem with scrolling grid in a vertical position.

    Grid has more than 100 records what you see on the attached file.

    loading in this way from the database
  9. OK, but how to do it? Edit does not allow change selection
  10. You're right. I am interested in all the children of the parent.

    How did you get it? Because I have no idea,
  11. Hello,

    Recursively need to download all widgets that are in the container. How to do it?

    private Widget getComponent(Widget w) {
    if (w != null) {
    if (w.getParent()...
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    Hi!I'm trying to do a little something in GXT and I want to use List from
    GXT and RPCProxy.
    Let's say I have a bean class of Foo. I have an action called
    ListFooAction and result associated with...
  13. Hello,
    Is it possible to use a Dispatch from the EXT-GWT-3.1.1?

  14. Hello

    I make updates to your project GXT-3.1.1 with GXT-2.5.5

    I have a class:

    public class DispatchFilterReader implements DataReader<ListLoadResult<? extends ModelData>> {
  15. Hello, Is it possible to save a window (EXT-GWT) as a String UiBinder?
  16. Hi,
    I have a problem with adding two components to setBottomComponent

    I have the code:

    public void onModuleLoad() {
    TextField componentOne = new...
  17. Hi, Sven

    How to write a method to pay public SelectionChangedEvent

    I mean something like this:

    private SelectionChangedEvent<ModelData> getSelectedUmowaData(String sSQL){
  18. How to use List <Button> components = ComponentManager.get ()
    Please example of ComponentManager

    My EXT-GWT 2.2.5
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    Hi all,
    have a class forming a form consisting of several TextField.
    I also have a list of field names in the database are uploaded can not be empty

    Downloading wearing the names of all the...
  20. Thank you,
    You're right.
  21. Hi all,

    I have this code

    CheckColumnConfig checked = new CheckColumnConfig(ColumnDatabaseName,
    ColumnName, ColumnSize) {
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    Welcome, I have a problem with "GWTENT" reflection.
    How to create a class using reflection?
    I tried this:

    try {
    ClassType ct =...
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    Is it possible to write the SQL editor with LIveGrid?
    Please clue as to display any SQL Grid.
  24. Thank for help
  25. Hi, How can I add to the header FormPanel additional keys in the EXT-GWT
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