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  1. I created a small lookup version of the model with only five fields linked to a different store that only loads and the displays the data the grid needs. I am still creating the model with the 100...
  2. 100 Fields in a Model. 5 fields in a grid. The rest will be for entry in a pop-up editor window.
  3. Will there a version that could be used to create models within Sencha Architect. I have a table with >100 fields and would like to auto-generate the model. Currently I would comma-delineate it but...
  4. Hi!

    I have a webpage hosting an iframe. the iframe is hosting an HTML page which contains my app.js. The app contains an EXT Tree Panel. Once a user selects a node for the first time in the...
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    I see references to ux.ManagedIframePanel all the time when dealing with iFRAMES in TABS. I need to print the contents of the iframe in a TAB. Is this ux.ManagedIframePanel something I should be...
  6. I am having the exact same problem! Is there any resolution?
  7. setting layout:'fit' seems to have made it work. Thanks! Also, i was using the Ext.form.Panel. If I just use a regular panel it works as expected.

    here is the code:
  8. I have a simple ST 2 app whereby I want to add a simple Line Chart. I downloaded the Beta of the Charts. ( . The touch-charts-debug.js is linked...
  9. Thanks for the update! Exciting stuff.
  10. Took me a few hours, then I found this thread that indicated that the Charts are unsupported with ST2. Where can I go to find updates for the Charts and ST2 ? I am actively building a solution in...
  11. Hi,

    I am looking for a a simple example that help me work with WCF, JSON, AJAX and the to get only the LOAD method of the data model working. Here is what I am looking for in the...
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