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  1. Got it :) Thank you very much!!

    I'm trying to change the background of this form using the theme selectors in SA 3.0.. for some reason it will not change...any ideas?
  3. SA3.0 RC1, trying to add a skin to a button,
    while doing so, I'm pressing the "+" sign in skins to create a new theme, while I get these options:

    "Create new Default (framework) ui
    Create new...
  4. I see.. I unchecked the re-write option now so it won't remove the theme's css..
    I thought it would be added automatically to the index.html.. isn't it supposed to?
  5. ok ..somewhy architect messes with my index.html.. so it the inclusion of the css in index.html everytime i save the project..
    I'm positively sure it's a bug..
  6. Couldn't recreate it..
    now i started again from my backup file .. and I see the icon, but basecolor isn't changing now :( it did before :/
  7. Today I installed SA3.0 RC1, and suddently my button icons (which are imported from icomoon) are no longer showing.. I guess it has something to do with the new skin/theme options,
    but how do I fix...
  8. using jsonp requests in sencha touch / mixed with phonegap or alone is not too hard.. so I might've not understood what you are looking for.. but here's an example from my code, let me know if you...
  9. heh.. well , on the device I can't use chrome inspector,
    but when I used localstorage on my browser for testing this app it worked fine..saved everything on sync..
    it must be related to the way...
  10. 1. Added id field as int,
    2. check with getcount.. :

    console.log("getcount1:"+UserInfo.getCount()); on first run returns 0
    console.log("getcount2:"+UserInfo.getCount()); on first run returns 1...
  11. I have a store , the store's name : UserPrivateInfoStore,
    it has a localstorage proxy : LSproxy

    I add information this way:
    var UserInfo ='UserPrivateInfoStore');...
  12. Done :) works very good
  13. Replies
    Yes I am using PhoneGap Build :)
    Now it looks like everything is working fine...So thank for that :)
    Since i'm new to this I'd rather do it the right way.. the one that will be the same way for...
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    Hey, using Ext.device is pretty comfortable because all I do is add a requirement to 'Ext.device.Accelerometer' for example..but for the cordova way.. what should I be requiring to get the navigator...
  15. I'm working on a project which needs to connect user to his fb account,
    I got links from Kurt001 ( thank you! ) for this example:
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    Thank you very much :) I will try it!
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    A question regarding using phonegap build plugins,
    after getting used to the cmd phonegap build ( I LOVE IT !)
    I wanted to ask the following question:

    When I am using the accelerometer I refer...
  18. using sencha touch, phonegap remote build, phonegap doesn't load an extra css file I use while browser does.
    what should be done?
    css is in the resources/css folder..
    I tried changine...
  19. this workaround works:
  20. RECAP
    Any update on this subject??
  21. looks like what I had.. did you install all the necessary npm packages?
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    i used

    sencha app build native

    but suddently today it works :) maybe it was the jre/jdk setup i changed..
  23. and in another folder, (native), the index.html also conatins this:

    <script type="text/javascript">/** * Sencha Blink - Testing
    * @author Jacky Nguyen <>
  24. Hey I tried to pack the way you said.. same result but thank for the suggestion...

    //@require @packageOverridesExt.Loader.setConfig({


    Check this out ..
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