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    It depends on your timing. We're trying to upgrade from 4.2.2 to 5.0.1 and have run into a couple of show stopper bugs. Assuming 5.0.2 is more stable and how long how it will take you to upgrade,...
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    Is there an override for this bug?

    It is a significant issue and can't really wait for 5.0.2.
  3. This is a significant bug. Are there any workarounds?
  4. Text in an editable grid can't be selected by the mouse and the cursor can't be moved by the mouse.

    You can do a cntl A to select all text but the mouse is useless.

    This problem is shown in the...
  5. There are two problems with TextArea editable cells in grids.

    1. When clicking into a cell the edit box top border is above the grid row. In Ext 4.2 The edit box aligned with cell and extended...
  6. I'm getting this message on the console:

    [W] XTemplate evaluation exception: rec.get(...) is undefined

    Its coming from ext-all-debug and happening after a grid is loaded from a remote store.
  7. I figured out refreshing the grid view will update the grid with the updated record values. So at least the record update works on a BufferedStore.
  8. I'm confused. This was supported in 4.2. This limitation is not documented in the API nor is it mentioned in the upgrade guide.

    So, how do I handle this use case?

    Our app allows a person to...
  9. When changing a value in a BufferedStore, the grid fails to update. A grid with a regular Store works.

    The record is changed via the Set method on a Record.

    I created an example at:
  10. For a Grid with a remote Store, I have code something like this:

    var rec = store.getById(id);

    rec.set('myfield", 123);

    in Extjs 5, the grid will not update if the store is a BufferedStore....
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    Thanks, I was poking around the Extjs source looking for something like this and wasn't having any luck....

    It will work until the bug is fixed.
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    I just found this bug when testing our app with Extjs 5. It is a show stopper.

    Anyone found a workaround?
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    We use extjs with Rails but do not use the "View" portion of rails. That is, the entire UI for the the app is rendered in the browser using extjs. Rails is used a pure middleware server responding to...
  14. Thanks again, it might be useful to add something like this to the Extjs examples.
  15. Thanks for fiiddle. I can see the CSS for changing the default font size for a label but how do I this for the whole field? (in your example, the field is still has a font size of 12). Taking that...
  16. What is the "correct" way to create fields with a Font size of 11 using CSS? This has always seemed to me to be too hard to do in extjs. For so many things that are easy to do in extjs, this one...
  17. In extjs 4.x, I was able to change the font size on field labels using:

    labelStyle: 'font-size:11px'

    This no longer works in extjs 5.

    What is the best way to change the label size?
  18. I use a smaller font in all my checkboxes and the checkbox label is now positioned higher in 4.2.2


    The code:


    .x-small-editor .x-form-field {
    font:normal 11px arial,...
  19. I need a smaller font in the drop down list of a combo and have used the following code in 4.2 to do this:


    .x-combo-list-small {
    font:normal 11px tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;...
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    I agree. This is really the problem.

    The goal of point releases should be to get to a version that is stable. As such, the point releases should be frequent and official so the larger community...
  21. Firebug 1.12.0a6 doesn't have any impact with FF21.

    Things still work but the slowness is bad enough that I need to do something. I will need to go back FF20 or give FF22 beta a try.

    Update --...
  22. Calling commitChanges on a buffered store ends up calling this code in extJS

    getNewRecords: function() {

    getting this...
  23. Sorry, I thought the problem was obvious by looking at the code. Let me try again:


    Look at the highlighted code. If options.params is not defined, then params is set to an empty object....
  24. Debugging this problem shows:

    if (disableCaching && !params[cacheParam]) {
    params[cacheParam] = new Date().getTime();
    } else {
    params = options.params;
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    I finally figured out how to get the dropdown list to display for 4.2.


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