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  1. Hi,

    Is there a date release of the next SA3.x GA?
    I want to try out Extjs 4.2.2 on SA3.x first before buying a license for ext.js.

  2. In some cases, there are errors like:
    1. Framework error: Cannot read property 'buffered' of undefined.
    2. Framework error: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined.

    I'll send the code...
  3. Also check how the animation takes place when collapseDirection = right.
    I'm seeing the panel collapse to the left side then animate the collapsed title to the right.

    Panels with many components...
  4. I'm running SA3 on MacOSX Mavericks.

    Everything works fine, if I have 1-2 app pages with minimal UI components.

    More than that, I'm forced to click REFRESH to see the page... even if there is...
  5. Thanks for the insight Skirtle.

    I'll consider your alternative solutions in other projects.

    For now, I really need to have the combobox still filter the store while the grid panel retain...
  6. I hope this kind of usability enhancement will be part of the core Extjs 4.2.x someday.
    Thanks Skirtle for the help.
  7. In ExtJS 4.2.x... when programatically setting the selectionModel of a grid panel as below:

    if (combo) {
    var listGrid =...
  8. I tried the ComboBox's disableKeyFilter (enable/disabled) and it seems it is not working (extjs 4.2.x).
    Not working in the sense that combobox is still filtering the store as I key-in.

  9. When collapseDirection is set to "right", the titleCollapse is not working on expand event.

    In the code below, collapse is working on Panel-2 but fails in expand.

    (Panel-1 doesn't have issues...
  10. Please verify this scenario:

    1. There is a customerStore
    2. There is a ComboBox with store = customerStore
    3. There is a Grid Panel with store = customerStore

    I expect to accomplish the...
  11. Hi,

    Version: extjs 4.2.2 and extjs 4.2.1
    IDE: SA3

    Classic theme works fine in my ext-all.js application.
    But when I tried to use ext-dev.js for debugging, I notice that the app's UI is not...
  12. I found the problem.

    In SA3, I deleted all the Classic Theme identified in the RESOURCE panel. (there's a couple of instances in there... some instance with numeric code after the theme name)......
  13. Hi,

    What is the recommended js workflow engine that seamlessly works with extjs 4.2.x?

    I hope the solution is lightweight, not so verbous, and can work as a simple 'wrapper' for functions...
  14. Thanks for this thread...
    Here is the final code that works in my usecase (4.2.x)

  15. Additional scenario:

    This happens only when extra param is set this way:

    SOLIStore.getProxy().extraParams = {
    theSoNo: soNo
  16. Hi,

    I'm using SA3 (extjs 4.2.2) when I unintentionally enabled writer.jason: encode to true.
    Then I notice that this causes extraParams (theSoNo) in the SAVE scenario to pass BLANK, in my PHP...
  17. In Architect 3, I can see that both Model and Store can be "Saved to Toolbox" and "Exported to File...".

    I can understand the importance of saving model/store in the Toolbox...
    But for the...
  18. Replies
    I thought the site will have all the answer in my search for Extjs-ORM-MYSQL bridge (PHP- or JS-framework):

    It's created in 2013 but have no commits and...
  19. Hi,

    The objective is to Reconfigure a Grid by reusing the existing Grid's column (40) but deleting 5 columns from that (leaving 35 fields).

    Here is my code so far (codes with ???? are undone)
  20. No custom styling.

    I looked at the project snapshots. I found the version transitions where this problem occur and doing code diff. now.
    Will update this thread once the problem is pinpointed....
  21. Thanks for pointing out that Neptune defaults to showSeparator = false... I thought the no-line is part of the theme with plain still set to true...

    Anyway, what I want to achieve is to lessen the...
  22. This will do the trick but the vertical line will be hidden (which I want to stay as is).

    I'm still seeing this as a bug since behaviour differs between neptune and classic.
  23. Hi,

    There is no problem in Neptune theme. But with Classic theme, there is an 'extra' space before each menu item (as wide as the icon space).

    What is the theme variable that I need to adjust...
  24. If there will be a beta-tester group for SA in future versions, please count me in... :)
  25. Hi, All of a sudden, the UI of ExtJS4 (classicTheme) was stripped of all CSS formating. Need solution to this ASAP. Before the browser update, everything was working fine. Thanks in advance.
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