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    thanx for reply...
    i checked both url but i dont understand how to do that..
    plz post any working example...
    or any facebook api example which shared sencha data...
    thanx again....
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    good morning all.....
    hey guys any one have facebook api of sencha...
    i want share some controls on facebook but i dont know how to share it??
    so plz help me..
    any one have facebook api...
  3. hi...

    i m new in sencha.. i want to know that how to hide loadmask when list is loaded.. i hv seen sencha api but u cant find the solution... so plz help me to hide the load mask... here is my...
  4. hi yasodha..

    for that problem..

    take panel and show the list in that panel..

    i have the same problem and i used panel to show that list... and it works fine..
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    thanx andreacammarata for your quick reply...

    i want to display just linie and status from server..

    here my server side script output..
  6. hi.. all... i m new in sencha.. my problem is that i want to display data in list from server.. but i cant dispaly data in list..
    i dint where i was wrong... here is my code..

    .html file..

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    i am new in sencha.. and i want to display data in list. i m using JSON reader to read data from server.. but still i cant display data in list.. i dont konw where i was wrong.. here my code..

  8. Thanx for your quick rply.. bt still i cant get the right way to run sencha application in device.. could u plz help me more to out of this problem..

    thanx in advance..
  9. i m new in sencha.. i just completed my work with sencha.. now i want to run that application on device. but i cant run on it.. and i dont know how to run? or which kind of changes to be made to run...
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