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  1. is not working at all with ExtJs version
    The newly added lines are never saved to localStorage.

    I digged into the code and found that this is because...
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    It's about one and a half month later, and the comments are still not back.
    When can we expect the availability of the comments again ? It is a valuable resource.
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    Hello, I looked at the three solutions that don't use a framework:

    Ext.Direct PHP - Maintained by tommymaintz (Tommy Maintz)
    Ext.Direct PHP Backend - Maintained by ckr
    Easy Ext.Direct...
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    I start an important development and need to make a choice for the backend. For simplicity I'd like to opt for a proxy/reader/writer couple of ajax/json.
    I see that there are many options for...
  5. Load mootools, then add this script

    Load Extjs with this code

    <script src="ext.js"></script>
    restore the value for mootools...
  6. I found the culprit: It was another library I loaded along with ExtJS. So it is not ExtJS related.
  7. I use ExtJS and include the framework with
    <script src="ext/ext-dev.js"></script>.
    Despite the fact that the ExtJS documentation makes extensive use of console.log, this function is not working,...
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