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  1. Thanks for your detailed information.
    Adding the following two lines to MyGridAppearance.MyGridStyle:
    String cellInner();

    This fixes the problem.

  2. Here are our own GridAppearance and css used by

  3. Hi, Colin,

    Here are the scenario to reproduce the issue:
    Create a container with two buttons (button 1 and button 2) and a sub - panel. Each button is linked to a individual page in sub-panel.
  4. I have reproduced this issue. I'm cleaning up the project and will send you the files soon.
  5. I changed the package from:


    This fixed the problem.

    However, in our production environment (GXT...
  6. Hi, Colin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I copied your LiveGridVisibleRowCount class to my project and ran the example. There are 11 visible rows in the grid, but the tool bar shows '1 - 14 of 44',...
  7. Any updates on this?
    Can we have an estimate when this will be fixed?
  8. We have a panel with a livegrid and other components. However, the total number of visible rows displayed in livegrid is different from the number displayed in the toolbar. For example, only 9 rows...
  9. I need to have vertical scroll bar for the viewport, but not horizontal scroll bar.
    Inside viewport, I have a panel and need to have horizontal scroll bar but not vertical scroll bar.

    I tried:...
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