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  1. How can use this in development? The namespace is also Ext.ux... I don´t know how to reference to a package. When i add "require :['Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect']" the loader did not find it...
  2. Hi,

    it were nice if we can have a official statement here... A 5-Developer Package is for a single developer to expensive.

    If this is not a failure i must stop the development :-(
  3. Hi!

    When you try the sample widgetcolumn code from the api docu and add the summary feature, you get an exception: "Cannot read property 'isNonData' of undefined "

    var grid = new...
  4. sure i can:

    I change the values fromDate and toDate... After that all is rendering except the grid

    Bye, Dumbledore
  5. Hi there,

    when i use this pice of code in my chart all fine:

    type : 'time',
    position: 'bottom',
    fields : ['created_at'],
  6. Hi,

    currently i try to find a problem in my application and i find a undefined variable inside populateRecord of the AbstractSummary class:

    // Here we iterate through the columns...
  7. hi,

    is there a fix from sencha available?

    by, dumbledore
  8. uups... sorry for that.
  9. Hi,

    the Ext.ux.IFrame use the deprecated Ext.EventManager. I think it´s a bug...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  10. i try this an my application and i run into the same error...

    Need also help...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  11. found it...

    Architect 3 did not copy SenchaTouch Framework to the Workspace... When i use ExtJs all runs fine...

    So i copy SenchaTouch in a Folder "touch" to the workspace and it runs.
  12. Hi,

    i try to build a sample program with Architect 3. Every time i try to enable the build tools i get an error:

    7:50:39 PM
    "/Users/rb/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" generate app...
  13. ok, thanks...

    i will search a "how to" in the documentation..

    Bye, Dumbledore
  14. Hi there,

    is there a way to build two output files?

    One for the ExtJS and another for the app.js?

    Bye, Dumbledore
  15. Replies
    Hi there,

    i have a Complete Subscription but the architect ask me for the activation. Can you send me the activation again (private msg) ?


    Bye, Dumbledore
  16. Hi...

    i have a idea that i want to discuss here. In my application have a workaround for the Bug EXTJSIV-9298. I need to check this every time a new extjs-version is coming out. Why can´t the...
  17. you save my day!!!

    Thank you sooo much!...
  18. Replies
    Hi there,

    is there a way to use sencha cmd inside from SublimeText? Currently i try Sublime and it seems great and pretty fast...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  19. Hi,

    there is a problem in the current version, when using a big column header like this:


    The menu marker does not size correctly. The easiest way to reproduce this is to load the...
  20. Hi,

    i use a treepanel in my application and need the ellipsis, cause my titles are to long. In Ext the dots are not visible cause the font-size is set to 1px;

    // Sub-normal...
  21. cache_bypass will be sent, because it is defined in the stores prxy definition:

    type : 'rest',
    url : 'nws/',
    extraParams : {
    cache_bypass : false...
  22. Hi!

    whats wrong on this code?

    // store is a treestore
    params : {
    cache_bypass : e.shiftKey
  23. Hi there,

    when using a panel with a glyph config, there will be no image rendered inside the header.
    So its not possible to change the Icon via setIcon() cause the image is missing.

    I think...
  24. when i use the htmleditor component with enableFont=false an error occurs.

    TypeError: me.down(...) is null
    [Bei diesem Fehler anhalten]

    select = me.down('#fontSelect').selectEl.dom;

  25. sorry - found it

    i have to change the requires definition i package.json

    Now it works...
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