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  1. The processors property is marked as private and Cmd's optimizer takes advantage of that to streamline the class processor steps knowing that all required classes have been ordered ahead of the...
  2. There are system properties that can be specified in sencha.cfg (check it out in the Cmd install dir and for...
  3. That is the best way to work around the firewall preventing Cmd from downloading the Ext JS package on its own. I will see if we can add some words to the guides to cover this situation.
  4. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  5. This bug is due to rebuilding and trying to compress the already compressed CSS. For now try "sencha app build -clean" to do a build. This is likely not going to be much of an issue when using sencha...
  6. Thanks for digging in and providing such thorough analysis - much appreciated. We have a fix just recently merged to standardize on case-insensitive names for all events. This was only partially...
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    Not the beta ... at least not without some tweaking. We have configured v5 beta to report itself as incompatible with older frameworks. This instructs Cmd v5 to redirect calls to "sencha" to an older...
  8. @LesJ -

    Yes you can because Panel has this:

    defaultBindProperty: 'title',

    I believe that example was created when "html" was the defaultBindProperty for Panel but that was changed...
  9. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    If your themes do not differ by much this can be done, but there are values read from the style sheet and cached (mostly regarding "framing" for border radius support in IE8).

    You can look at how...
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    You're not doing anything wrong - tooltips will be present in the next build of sencha-charts package.
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    You can safely delete the comments if they are causing more trouble than they are worth.
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    The final concept as pointed out is not right because such languages that support it don't allow any overrides. With privates we do... but only internal to the framework. Once you cross over that...
  14. We will remove the incompatible marker when Cmd 5 is GA.
  15. You'll need to remove the "-nof" flag - we have marked Cmd 5 as incompatible with older frameworks so that it will delegate to v4 when run on older (production) apps. Check out...
  16. You use "sencha app upgrade -ext" to upgrade the application in the current folder. But to do that you need Sencha Cmd 5 which you can download or acquire using "sencha upgrade --beta".
  17. Since layout and items are not config system things you should not put them in config:{} block. Even if they were to become configs you would not need to put them in a config:{} block. Basically the...
  18. That is the story for Model and Field, but one of the improvements is that configs declared by a base class can be specified in a derived class either in the config:{} or not. This is means Ext JS...
  19. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  20. I moved this to Bugs - we should have a function there when compatibility layer is enabled. Just checked and it is "null".
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    @Jay / @superstructor -

    This code:

    Will not throw an exception because the derived class is requesting "override of private method" privilege. This is the intended result. So it does...
  22. There is no fundamental / technological restrictions here just that the tooling (Cmd) defaults are not setup for Ext JS native packing and we don't test or support Ext JS applications on phones. That...
  23. We are definitely looking at solutions on this (some are already merged but more are likely needed). The current heuristic for picking the entityName (the conflicting config) is overly simplistic.
  24. I'd love to hear more about what you tried (sans actual credentials of course :) ) because we certainly want this to work, so I will open a ticket for that.

    In the meantime, if you want you can...
  25. You might check the sencha.cfg file in the installation directory. I believe there are some JVM settings for proxy that might help commented out in there, but since Cmd uses the standard Java URL...
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