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    If you check the fiddle posted by whb using ExtJS 5.0.1, the animation will not work on any theme used...
  2. Why dynamic class loading isn't advised to be used in a production environment ?

    Just because it will do requests over network for each of the needed file ?
    What if the production environment...
  3. I've found another issue which bothered me quite some time until I tracked it down...

    onLoad of the combo's store, originalValue is deleted / lost.

    This was causing blank / empty values in...
  4. Although this is an old UX, I want to confirm that it is still useful / working (using ext-

    The only thing I needed to tweak around (as I use it with a remote JsonStore) was that on...
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    Hello everybody,

    I have Architect 2.1 but it doesn't ask me for update to 2.2.
    Do I have to do something for this or I have to wait until you process all user accounts for the update ?
  6. I want to tell you that para's resolution works fine for thanks para, you're the man ;)

    I have the following code on a leaf node to which I dynamically add a child node (using a form) and...
  7. It seems that no one else is interested in the grid filters issues...
    So, now I'm starting to downgrade back to 3.x

  8. Another Grid Filters bug.... Dynamic list filters, after store is loaded, nothing shows up in the list filter menu (still Loading... message).

    List filters are usually (if not almost all the time)...
  9. In the meantime, just to make it work and go further, I did the following:

    - create grid with filters, showed window...
    - create grid filters:
  10. Any ideas ?

    I don't know yet where and what to put to have default filters applied from config....
    As I stated above, in 4.1-PR1 still the same issue...

  11. I've checked the exact same thing on 4.1-PR1 and the same behavior, even for config options for filters (with default values and activated from code).

    The default data loaded it is NOT filtered...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF8 (firebug 1.8.4 installed)
    Chrome 15.0.874.120 m
  13. Thanks jfa,

    I've used your solution as well, as nobody else could help me here.

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    I've found the solution for this on another thread: here

    From my point of view, groupHeaderTpl {name} for date columns (at least) - should take into account field's dateFormat or column's renderer...
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    I would like to know how I can setup the correct dateFormat for the groupHeaderTpl (when grouping by a date column), or at least to follow column's dateFormat.

    Even in the examples...
  16. Hello Achim,

    This was a though one for me as well, as I've struggled all this evening to find the best way to do it.
    The ideea is that 'leaf' nodes, normally do not need a load() method (as they...
  17. Hi flamant,

    Try to remove your ID of your contextMenu.

  18. In the latest version, map example, there is an error on line 49 in index.js (trackingButton.ownerCt.setActive is not a function -- trackingButton.ownerCt.setActive(trackingButton, false);).
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    I've also created the panel at loading time, but I don't show it, and it is empty at the begining (only basic configuration and template). When I receive the data from the server (I'm using a JSONP...
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    Data - is a config option (if you want to supply default data for the template).

    What I have in my code:

    // template
    var overlayTpl = new Ext.XTemplate('template goes here');

    // panel
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    I've just tested and it works now, thanks Evan that you enlighten us :)

    How stupid of me to put the update() call before show() :))

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    Hi Evant,

    I would like to override Ext.Component update() method to work fine until your next release.
    Can you be a little more explicit about this please ?

    Where should be modified and how,...
  23. Yeap,

    I don't think that there's a bug in ExtJS 3.x defferedRender:false for TabPanels, because I've done a simple test and it works, but in my "more complex application" example it is not and I...
  24. Yes, if it is a singleton, you cannot override it. The only thing you can do, is to change ExtJS code.

    You said that you cannot override it on your hosting can put your coppy of...
  25. Is this actually a bug in the end ?

    In the documentation there is clearly specified that the unactivated (unclicked) tab fields will not be sent to the server if defferedRender is true...

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