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  1. Hi guys:
    I have a question about dynamically loaded components. In IE10 state, Grid can be created, but in IE8 and IE7 can’t see Grid appears.
    Anybody know why?

  2. Everybody
    I have uploaded the full file.

    The event fires on beforeload

    onArraystoreBeforeLoad: function(store, operation, eOpts) {
    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form...
  3. Hi jminnick, Thanks for your answer.

    Yes, The event fires on beforeload and the textfield with empty.
    But...That should show a null or a empty value.

    The script run and Web page doesn't show...
  4. I found a problem.
    In here, the scripts is right.

    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form textfield[itemId="txtCompany"]')[0];

    The next step error.
  5. Thanks jminnick.

    I setup the event of storeBeforeLoad to binding the Company textfield,
    But I can't catch value of Company textfield.

    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form...
  6. I hope someone can teach me.
    I want to build a component of search, but I need some help.
    How can I do…
    1.Grid change by data of Company text field.
    2.Pagingtoolbar press next button and Grid...
  7. Replies
    Does Sencha Architect 2 support custom vtypes ?
    How do I write a program like examples of "Advanced Validation Examples Using VTypes" by Sencha Architect 2?
  8. Thank you very much for your help .
  9. How do I make Text Field after pressing Checkbox hidden.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyForm', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',

    height: 250,
    width: 400,
    bodyPadding: 10,
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    Sorry, c2c-shiner:
    it is not work. The cell on table doesn't expand width.
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    how do you use table layout to get a table to expand to full width of its container?
    I know I can use “Column” or “Vbox” layout, but I need tablelayout and use “colspan” for checkbox with textfield....
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    I get a problem about "collapsible". In this sample, if
    (1)Push Extjs designer preview button.
    (2)Don't resize the preview window, and push "collapsible" icon.
    (3)When FormPanel expand, the...
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    I get a problem about "collapsible". In this sample, if
    (1)Push Extjs designer preview button.
    (2)Don't resize the preview window, and push "collapsible" icon.
    (3)When FormPanel expand, the...
  14. I don't want to load store on initialization.
    When the "url Combobox" is triggered, "loadFeed" will load the store.
    I think Ext Designer loaded automatically related store during initialization....
  15. Hi j-joey:
    In my test, I have to store loaded. This code write in the "MyGrid.js"

    MyGrid = Ext.extend(MyGridUi, {
    initComponent: function() {
  16. I understand!
  17. Yes,I am sure that I have configured store for grid.I tested another example. The same, this program is normal in IE8, but it is not work in Firefox.
    I found the store did not load in Firefox.I do...
  18. How use "Copy selected" on meum in Ext Designer?
    I thought I could copy the component and paste it into another file, but I do not see "Paste" menu. Can teach me how to use it?
  19. Hi
    I have a program that imitates Extjs online sample "Feed Viewer".
    The program is running normal but show error message.
    The error message show : " is null".
    I can not find cause...
  20. Hi:
    I created a button. When I use trnsform funciton, I found the empty word on menu.
    Is this a bug?
  21. Thanks jarred
  22. Hi:
    Why export the same project, the results in ie8 and firefox difference? The IE8 show white area...:s
    How do I to chang right style like firefox?

    On IE8

    On FireFox
  23. Hi jarred:
    after I use the "ref", I would not find the "cward" components. In addition, I also use two separate stores. The "ward" ComboBox is not to get Store. It show undefined.

  24. Hi jarred:
    I assign "Ward" ComboBox id is ‘cward’ and “Hospital” ComboBox is ‘chospital’. I have been able to find components. But the dynamic loading data appear in “Hospital” ComboBox. I guess the...
  25. Hi:
    I tried to dynamically load "ward" combobox, according to "hospital" combobox selected.
    It's not work. I can not find "ward" combobox component from "hospital" combobox component.
    What am I...
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