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    There appears to be a problem with the documentation at!/api/ - the second argument is shown as "The", the content under the...
  2. I'm using SA When I add a before function to a route the arguments are not defined and I have to resort to arguments[1].stop() rather than the more friendly action.stop() which would be...
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext JS

    Sencha Architect version tested:

    Sencha command version tested:
  4. I mostly use this form of execution:

    MyApp.RPC.MyClass.doSomething(param1, param2, function(result){'doSomething callback responded: ' + result);
    }, this);
  5. What I mean is that when it is unused it shows up as Process Config but when used theProcess Config disappears but the function it derated appears under Functions​.
  6. Actually, the Process Config option is still there, though it appears not to be when you have used it (at least it does not appear in the Config list). What has changed is the access to the...
  7. Ext version tested:

    Ext JS

    Sencha Architect version tested:

    Sencha command version tested:
  8. "sencha app upgrade" got things back to how I want them to be.

    It is a little frustrating that it is occasionally necessary to jump out of SA and run these things manually (when it works right SA...
  9. The code deletion issue is addressed in newly available Build 1851.
  10. For me, reverting to the previous release restored the code that had disappeared.

    What is the difference between "Controller Actions on viewcontrollers" and "View Controller Event Bindings". ...
  11. As per

    The missing code is still present in the metadata files. ...
  12. It looks like the missing code is still present in the metadata files. I have reverted to build 1834 and the missing code has returned. In order to revert I needed to remove the Application...
  13. As per it might be best to steer clear of SA 3.1 build 1847.
  14. Well it is nice that you have opened a ticket. Perhaps you should consider pulling a release that deletes code.

    Perhaps we should be allowed to view...
  15. Perhaps it was as simple as ticking the cached checkbox against my api.js resource. I don't recall needing this in the past, and I don't recall deselecting it.
  16. ExtJS 5.0.1 / Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.250 / SA / Firefox 32.0 (beta)

    Since it is no longer possible to debug an ExtJS/SA application in Firefox...
  17. The updated version of Cmd appears to have resolved the "Too much recursion" issue, but the main issue raised in this thread stands, i.e. in FireBug everything runs through bootstrap.eval() and hence...
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    For a while I had app.html. I had no end of problems until I switched over to index.html. AFAICT the starting page is not configurable, so there is no way to say that you want to use app.html. ...
  19. Thanks for your reply Jason.

    Understanding that SA only provides the option to bind when a setter is available makes sense. So the real question then concerns the consistency/desirability of...
  20. Thanks for your reply Jason.

    This issue seems to be resolved by the sencha cmd 5.0.2 update released (beta) a day or two ago:...
  21. I have switched to setting some of my values in the ViewModel and can use SA 3.1 to bind to these. It seems however that SA does not allow us to bind to all configuration values.

    To centralise...
  22. Okay, so I originally had something like:

    var qPanel = qContainer.add({
    xtype: 'questionpanel',
    'question': question,
    practice: false
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    The Process Config approach is no longer viable when using SA3.1 - see:
  24. My ExtJS 4.2.2 web application was extensively localized using the approach outlined in...
  25. Upon further inspection the information in the Chrome debugger is consistent with that in FireBug under FireFox and the issue relates to the changes to the Config System as mentioned in the Upgrade...
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