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  1. Hi,

    You shouldn't run CMD directly from console line, but invoke it from Architect. In the top toolbar, select build web app and in the build options set it to build production. If this doesn't...
  2. Hi idan,

    The large css file is the one that is used for previewing the styles within Architect. After you create production build of your project, sencha CMD will optimize this automatically,...
  3. This is complex and outside the scope of ExtJS, but one way to do it would be to get the x,y position of items that you want connected by getting their screen position from the current dom layout,...
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    ExtJS5 introduced many more variables to customize themes, especially with regards to fields and forms. If you don't see a same variable in Ext4.2 that is because it doesn't exist in Ext4.2

  5. That should work correctly. It seems that this might be a bug in ExtJS, with mixin not working correctly with fonts (it seems font-size and font-face properties also have no effect). I will forward...
  6. Hi,

    There is no $toolbar-text-color variable in the toolbar ui mixin, so you should use $text-color.

    Just wondering, how are you inserting text into the toolbar? Since toolbar does not have...
  7. Before going deeper into this, could you upgrade to the latest version of Sencha CMD ( and let me know if you are still experiencing the same issues with that version as well.
  8. I'll try to replicate this and get back to you.
  9. I'm suspecting it could be Sencha CMD related...Could you let us know the framework version in the project (Touch/Ext?) and CMD version that you are using?
  10. Have you manually edited or moved around any of the files in your project or ext folder?
  11. I'm still unable to replicate this with the versions that you have given me - the button color is correct in Architect, in dev build and in production build.

    Could you create a brand new project...
  12. Hi,

    Could you include your actual build versions of CMD, Architect and Ext5 (you can find this if you select 'About Architect' in the top menu)? As far as I know rtl bug is something that has...
  13. That is odd, it looks like something is overriding the sass code that sizes up the icons for touch themes.

    Is this reproducible in any Ext 5.0.x project that you create with Architect? Also did...
  14. I'm having some trouble replicating this. A few questions to try and narrow down the problem:

    - What OS, Architect, framework and CMD versions are you using?
    - Is your project in a workspace or...
  15. Could you check what your button-default-background-color property is set to in this example?
  16. What you can do is select your scene, convert it to a symbol, and then export the symbol library. Then in another project, import the symbol library and place the symbol (your scene from another...
  17. You can use the variable picker-bar-gradient to modify that.

    The documentation on Touch scss variables is a little lacking (apologies for that) but all gradient variables accept two types of...
  18. Like I said above, you can change the toolbar variables to modify the looks of the picker toolbar. See included screenshot.50563
  19. Hi,

    In the screenshot that you included, all the variables that are modified are applied. I don't see what is not being applied.

    picker-active-border-color: the border color around the selector...
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    Glad it all worked out :)
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    For this one you actually have to turn on the property 'striped' for the list. Look in the Config rather than in Theme.
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    If you're changing just a variable, a better way would be to find the base color in the grid and adjust it there.

    However if you really want to have it in the scss, make sure all your variables...
  23. Glad that will help out :)
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    Assuming your project is ExtJS 5.0.1 - that is the 'focus' state of the element, which was included in that version of the framework. This was added in order to improve keyboard navigation and ARIA...
  25. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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