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  1. Do you have something other than a Viewport configured as your initial view in Architect?

  2. The price for the print + eBook combo at the link you specified is $25.00, but when I add that to my cart the price suddenly jumps up to $39.99.

    What is the true price?


  3. When I'm working on an ExtJS project in SA, I can add a "buildUrl" function to a proxy to set custom urls before the proxy connects to the server -


    I'm starting my first Sencha Touch...
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    I'm able to generate an app just fine now, but I'm still having issues when trying to build it - it looks like the exec command in the app-build-impl target is unable to find the...
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    Since I'm sure I'm not the only developer out there using cygwin, here's the changes I had to make to the "sencha" file so that java would find the sencha.jar file correctly - the changes are in...
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    The other thing that would be nice to have in the application settings is the ability to set the <title> attribute of the generated page.

    If title and favicon were included in the generated...
  7. Is build 613 publicly available yet?

    It sounds like I should skip the upgrade to build 609, correct?
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    I don't think there's a preferred work-around - I do the same thing that sonnypickett does - create my app.html using SA and then copy all the css and js script tags to my index.jsp page. Index.jsp...
  9. I'd like to use a custom sortType function on one of my model's fields, but I don't see a way to do that in SA - the sortType property is a drop-down that doesn't allow us to type a different...
  10. Ext.Version.extjs.version for the just-released 4.1.1 returns "4.1.0".

    Looks like it's coming from line 519 of src/core/src/Ext-more.js
  11. Please consider bumping this up in priority.

    There are numerous reasons why we wouldn't need or want to define a store for a component at design-time. Showing the warning once is fine, but when...
  12. +1 for static properties, as I use those as well. :)
  13. I'd like to add some static functions to some of my Models to make it easier to dynamically change the fields, but I don't see any way to call the addStatics() function from within SA. Obviously I...
  14. If you set a custom autoEl value on a view object and then try to clear it by clicking the X in the property grid, Architect crashes with the error message:

    TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  15. Took another look - the path is there after all, but it's below the black notification box and with what looks like a white shadow - so it's hard to see against the white background of the Project...
  16. I'm using a grid with the row editing plugin that had beforeedit and edit event handlers. With build 286, the event handlers no longer show up in the project inspector, and I can't add new event...
  17. Just noticed this in build 286 -

    When deploying my application, the pop-up message now just says "Project Deployed to " and a blank space on the line where the deployment path used to be. The...
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    Are there plans to include a command-line utility that can generate the final javascript files from the designer/<project> directory? Our build system checks out the entire source tree from SVN...
  19. Since the docs list those events as part of the plugin itself, it would be more intuitive to leave them defined on the plugin itself and hoist them up to the view at code generation time. I don't...
  20. I added the TreeViewDragDrop plugin to a tree view and created event listeners for the "drop" and "beforedrop" events.

    The code gets written out with the listeners: {} as part of the plugin...
  21. I see a Drag Drop Plugin in the "Tree / Tree Grid" section that can be attached to a tree object (and works fine), but I don't see any similar plugins for normal grids. Will this be added before GA?...
  22. Since there's a separate forum for Designer 2.x bugs, the menu option should probably go to the correct forum.
  23. I added a beforeedit handler to my Cell Editing Plugin so I could return false to stop the edit if certain conditions are not met.

    When I add the "return false" line in the code, I see the little...
  24. I have two Menu objects in my app with "floating: true" because I'm using them as context menus. If I close out of Designer and go back into the project, they are automatically set to "floating:...
  25. I have a menu that has a datepicker submenu, and it works fine - I select the menu, and the datepicker shows up. According to the docs, I'm supposed to use the "initialConfig"...
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