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  1. I was working on problem like this and thought I'd mention a little shortcut I found. In our code we have to move one or multiple rows at once but we only have to move then by one position at a...
  2. I've been wrestling with this one too. One slightly less hacktastic way I found was to have the proxy's "afterRequest" function set the combobox's value, because then you know the store has been...
  3. Whoops. Forgot to mention that in the original.

  4. Not sure if this an IE8 bug or an ExtJS one but figured I'd mention it anyway. If I create a simple HTMLEditor object, put an HTML string in it using .setValue(), wait for it to render and then try...
  5. Here is the solution I found. Hopefully it will help someone else? I put a listener in the tree that pulls values from the store creates "extraParms" for them dynamically when the node is expanded....
  6. I am trying to create a tree that loads data dynamically via proxy from a Java servlet. When a tree node is expanded I need to pass data from multiple columns (in blue below) in the tree store's...
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