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  1. The app url you sent me via PM was using a self-signed certificate. Currently Space will reject an app with a self-signed certificate for security purposes. We plan on adding the ability for the...
  2. Hello,

    You could be seeing this error because we require that the client use https (ssl) when connecting to our api servers. If your android device's settings or an intermediate network proxy are...
  3. Can you confirm that your web server is serving the manifest file with a type of "text/cache-manifest" What platform are you testing on android or iOS?
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    If you are looking to try out Sencha Space a great place to start is our documentation:

    You can find our API documentation here:...
  5. Hello,

    We currently support Cisco and Juniper SSL VPNs. We have support for others coming soon. Can you PM me with the details of your setup and your Sencha Space Org and we can help get you...
  6. Yes, we plan on supporting Application level push notifications. The implementation will be different than Ext.device.Push as the Space application has already registered to receive push...
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    Hi Grgur,

    Thank you for the details.

    As quick fix for #1 I'll update the guides to specifically mention the required step in the admin. We have some UI changes in the work for admin that will...
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    Hi Gregur,

    I'd start with the developer's guide:!/guide/invoke

    We have two invoke samples:
  9. Make sure that the cache manifest file is being updated correctly each time the app has changed.

    If you are...
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    We have an example that uses the camera or library to add a file to Space's secure file system.

    You can add the example app to your org using this...
  11. Thank you for finding this we will get it fixed.
  12. Our messaging system does not support push notifications at this time.

    When the application is offline the messages are stored on the server and delivered the next time the application connects.
  13. For the first error:
    ERROR: Cannot login, application does not have a group. Logger.js:132

    You have not created an auth group for this application. If you are going to use the...
  14. Thank you for reporting this issue we will look into and update this thread with more details when we have them.
  15. Our sync store replicates data into local storage. Local Storage is the limiting factor in how much data can be stored locally.

    If you use our data sync or any other system the cap on how much...
  16. Hello,

    Yes. You can create create users, groups and even apps using the APIs that are included in the SDK download. The management console actually uses the SDK itself to execute all of its...
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    @ghinpix can you re-run the command with the debug flag set and and post the output:

    send sencha -debug io list-apps.

    double check the logs to make sure you password isn't in there...
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    We will attempt to recreate. However we did build 0.7.15 with latest version of Sencha Cmd

    What version are you running?

    If you are...
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    We just updated the SDK and the documentation.

    Changes in this release include:

    Sencha Cmd integration

    Manage and deploy your apps from the command line.
    See the new Cmd Guide for...
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    3,337's app hosting service is only for static application resources: html, css, js, images etc. So any php, jsp or other files will be returned as text. If you request...
  21. has been tested and works with Sencha Touch versions 2.1, 2.1.1 and 2.2b1

    In one of your examples above you added the 'cf' to the loader. That should not be needed, though I don't think...
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    This is a limitation of the sync stores. It does not currently offer support for model relationships.
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    The sync stores need to wait to sync until there is a valid user.

    When you declare the store set auto sync to false. And auto load to true as we demonstrate in the Todos example:

  24. Hello. This forum is for questions. Please repost to one of the ext forums to get your question answered
  25. Thank you for getting us the code sample.

    Yes that is a bug; we have reproduced it and will get it fixed.
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